The Dynasterium

The Dynasterium is purported to be a secret society of so-called "highly enlightened individuals." According to some, they work in clandestine fashion to subvert geopolitics and guide the social, scientific, and arcane evolution of Acaelica from behind the scenes. They are almost certainly fictitious.


Tactics and Identity

Their tactics are rumored to include mass brainwashing, propaganda, blackmail, arcane torture, assassination and mind control. Whenever a powerful or notable public figure dies mysteriously, vanishes, or even begins acting strangely, rumors of Dynasterium manipulation are sure to follow.


They are, as a whole, something of an omnipotent bogeyman for conspiracy theorists, responsible directly or indirectly for every major historical event of the past millenium, regardless of a complete lack of evidence to support this claim.


Rumor and Legend

Kairos is often accused of being a tool of the Dynasterium, acting as their right arm in the mainstream world where they can effect visible change while pulling unknowable strings in the background.


It is believed by some that the group guided the houses of Tolthik, Valmeia and Cordaer across centuries--arranging and influencing marriages--in order to facilitate the simultaneous rise of the three Voltas currently embroiled in The Ascension War.


Castian has been accused by some of being a mouthpiece and agent for the Dynasterium, but this claim is utterly unsubstantiated and most view it as ridiculous. There is, however, a small but vocal group who regularly protest his appearances, including at inns who publically show his Not Far Off program.


No evidence has ever been produced to verify the existence of such an organization, but the rumors and legends surrounding the Dynasterium have persisted for many long years in Acaelica. There is no known, definitive origin for these rumors. It is generally accepted that the stories arose independently in utterly disconnected cultures, which the faithful argue as evidence for their certain existence.



The image most widely associated with the Dynasterium is that of a Fissure Bat, a breed native to the famous ravines of The Dragonlands which is said to possess remarkable precognitive abilities. This association likely gained popularity alongside the belief that the ravines themselves were crafted by the original Dynasts.


Across the years, stories featuring the Dynasterium have aligned them with a variety of symbols, including (but not limited to) entwined crescent moons, inverted towers, three-eyed dragons, and coins with holes punched through them.

Secret, Occult

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