Summon Seat

When the caster makes a motion (usually snapping their fingers), a serviceable chair made of non-breathable air appears. The chair has a back and three evenly placed legs (for better balance/not sitting crooked). If the caster desires, it can have a swivel motion like a barstool.


This chair is anchored to the spot it was summoned and anyone but the caster who attempts to interact with it will pass right through. Only one seat can be summoned by this spell at a time. The seat vanishes if the caster moves beyond 10ft. of it.


At higher levels the seat is improved, though lower levels may still be summoned:


5th level. A chair with arms and an air cushion in the seat.


8th level. A "plush" chair with padded arms, back, and seat. In addition, a footrest is available for the caster if they so wish.


11th level. A "plush" couch appears with seating for four with the same features as above. The caster may choose to allow others to sit on the couch or not.


17th level. The caster can choose to summon a specific chair with which they are familiar. The chosen chair appears within range and can be interacted with by anyone. If a creature is seated upon the desired chair at the time of summoning, the spell fails.

Material Components
Related Discipline
Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Bard
Related School
Effect Duration
Until Dispelled
Effect Casting Time
1 Bonus Action
5 feet

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