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Petran Vipho

Petran Vipho (commonly referred to by his last name) is an elven Mnemomancer from Necine. He is notable for being cast out of The Mnemomantic Guild for violating its profanity clauses (which exist to maintain the sanctity of memories and mnemomantic practices) after creating The Memory Game alongside Castian.


Days at the Guild

Despite a well-earned reputation for being both charismatic and extremely talented, Vipho's tenure at his former guild was mired in controversy and scandal well before its eventual termination. Although his skill saw him advance quickly through the ranks of the Guild during his first few years as a member, there were several widespread reports of incidents involving former teachers, including (but not limited to) accusations of misogyny, bribery, and theft (and subsequent misuse) of guild resources.   Despite this, he was well-liked by most of his fellow Mnemomancers--many of whom came to his defense following his expulsion. Some maintain that his explusion was a petty political move by a high-ranking and corrupt official within the Guild, looking to oust a potential future rival. Others also believe the controversy surrounding him was fabricated in advance to help justify the decision to expel him. This same group argues that his Memory Game no more violates the profanity clauses of the Guild than does the commonplace dealing of "cartogs" (which allow travelers to mneomantically learn their way around a city or area).


Cult of Personality

Vipho's expulsion from the Guild was met with uproar from the Necini social elite who continue to enjoy his game. Although the Guild has distanced itself from the matter (having offered no public comment on the matter beyond their original announcement), this group's significant popular influence within the city has formed something of cult of personality around Vipho.


As a result of Vipho's newfound popularity, the Guild has suffered something of a public relations nightmare in Necine. There are many, for example, who believe that the organization's laws are draconian and outdated; asserting that the Guild would do well to make leaders of men like Vipho.


Keeper of Secrets

Although the Guild traditionally alters the memories of those it expels to ensure their secrets are kept, Vipho's popularity has prevented them from doing so in his case. A credible threat to suspend all contracts of information within Necine--a major source of income for the Guild--has so far stayed their typically heavy hand.


Vipho's future status remains in question, however, and some have reported that he suffers paranoia over this despite embracing his new social status.

Year of Birth
1031 CR 135 Years old
Current Residence
Pale pink
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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