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Mochi's SC23 Reading Challenge

For this Summer Camp's Reading Challenge, I am going to take a look at 3 of the 5 prompts I didn't answer for inspiration.

Prompt 42: A myth or truth about the meaning of your universe.

The Ancient Religion

By Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Amelie has written some amazing stuff this Summer Camp. This article is simple to digest and impactful, and Amelie's layout makes this a fun article to read.

The way magic is portrayed in this world feels unique, and I love it all the more for that.

The ancient religion
Myth | Jul 29, 2023

Magic is everywhere and we are magic. Magic is might. Magic is worthy of our admiration. Magic must be respected. Magic's will must be obeyed. And to do all of this, participate in festivals and offer your magic back to Magic in thanks for its benevolence

The Sorrow of Souls

By Caitlin Phillips

A very dark article, I love it! All of the small, horrific details in this article, such as the skinning of Phoenix to be turned into a robe, brings this article to life, and I can't wait to read it when it's not just a draft!

The Sorrow of Souls
Myth | Jul 31, 2023

Surrender To Death

By Barron

Yet another spooky article, which you can somewhat expect from this prompt. This article intrigues me, because it leaves me with many questions, and makes me desperately want to keep clicking those links sprinkled about to go to other articles.

Surrender to Murder
Myth | Jul 30, 2023

Mochi's Promotional Break

Hello! This article won't reach 1000 words alone, so to keep that word count up I am going to talk about my Summer Camp progress this year. I made 37 articles out of 42 prompts! A very good ratio for me, and I didn't burn out in the slightest which is a huge improvement from the last two years. My favourite article I wrote has to be Sakara, which I loved so much it's under "Featured Articles" in the Yonderverse's Homepage!

Below are the three articles I am most proud of!

Prompt 34: An organization for which recruiting or proselytizing is important.

Militant Order of Descendants

By Morgan Biscup

There is something so funny about seeing that gigantic list of ranks. A superb article that genuinely makes me want to write about organisations, ranks and titles, which is very hard to achieve. I can always trust Morgan Biscup to make me want to write articles that I'd never normally want to write.

Militant Order of Descendants
Organization | Jul 28, 2023

The Militant Order of Descendants serves as the faithful military force of the Ascended Conclave, enacting their will on the universe.


By Naelin

This article is a great example of how to write a religion. It goes into a perfect amount of detail about the origin myths and laws of the universe, and with all those links to click in the article, I think I'll be doing some extra reading. xD

Organization | Jul 30, 2023

The religion followed by the people of Dhalmain, revolving around the laws of the universe and the curiosity that they used to have

Warlocks of the Holy Light

By Damion Otter

This article does a great job of answering the prompt as a short article, making me want to read more. The concept of this organisation is epic as well; just the fact that they want to re-ignite a sun is an amazing idea.

Warlocks of the Holy Light
Organization | Jul 30, 2023

Warlocks that wish to reignite the Sun by feeding it endless Faith.

Mochi's Promotional Break Pt. 2

Here is a little map I made showing off the connections between all of my Summer Camp articles! Five of my entries were completely disconnected from every other article, but most of them had some relevance to another, even if it was through another article.
SC23 Article Connections

Prompt 41: An organisation dedicated to keeping a major secret from the public.

Order of Librarians

By Morgan Biscup

Wasn't expecting a military organisation with the title 'Librarians', but I love this article. This article makes me want to dive headfirst into the history of Vazdimet, which I know would be a looooong dive, but totally worth it. Vazdimet is truly an amazingly detailed world, and if you haven't checked it out yet, you should.

Order of Librarians
Organization | Jul 30, 2023

A highly trained military force specially chosen for their Immunity to magic, the Order of Librarians defended the most dangerous archives of the Golding Library until their eventual defeat during the War for Enlightenment.

The Core Pantheon

By Han

Han absolutely dominated Summer Camp last year, and for good reason. She truly wrote some incredible things, and this year she has done the same and produced an obscene number of high-quality articles in such a short space of time.

Core Pantheon
Organization | Oct 22, 2023

The core deities that oversee Istralar, regardless of origin - and their secrets.

The Heartbeat Society

By Ademal Jacklyn

While I hate what this organisation believes in, just the fact that I hate them is why I love the article. In such a short amount of words Ademal is able to make me feel so strongly, and I desperately want to learn more.

The Heartbeat Society
Organization | Jul 30, 2023


Before the end of the year I would like to have finally established a storyline for both the Yonderverse and the A to Zoo. It's something I've only been interested in recently, but I'd like a solid idea on where i want my world to go. I know for sure I want to follow the story of the oanie and planet Karkhala as they dominate the galaxies, and how people cope with them. For the A to Zoo, I plan on following the lives of a handful of zookeepers, see what shenanigans they get up to, and keep things fun and lighthearted.

Extra Reading

Y'all were just too amazing this Summer Camp, and I refuse to just show off 9 articles. Here are a ton more articles I read over the course of the month that I really enjoyed, organised by author!

Without a doubt, Nimsy produced some of my favourite articles to read in Summer Camp. It was love at first sight with Rosepetal, and the more I read the more I want to read more, and then I read more and then I want to read more and then I read even more, and I just keep spiralling.

Emily Armstrong

Another world that I fell in love with immediately is Culinarypunk. This world is bright, silly, and reminds me of a world idea I had as a kid where everything was made of food.

Rin Garnett

I fell in love with this world recently, too. The writing is amazing, the CSS is stunning, and the name is so memorable.


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19 Aug, 2023 14:20

You put out so many great and interesting concepts during SC, and really fun to see the visual of how they interconnect (except for those poor lonely five). Also so inspiring to see you keep chugging out writing during august too! :)   And thank you so much for the praise and the feature, it really made my day. <3

19 Aug, 2023 21:31

<333 I am so glad you enjoyed my SC writing!   I am absolutely in love with your world, I've said it lots xD it would've been wrong not to feature your world!

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21 Aug, 2023 22:41

Thank you for featuring me Mochi, I'm glad you liked my old-as-balls religion :D

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23 Aug, 2023 20:29

Thank you for all the shoutouts!

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23 Aug, 2023 20:33

How could I not shout out the epic writers of my favourite world? :3 (don't tell the others)

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26 Aug, 2023 22:16

Aww thank you for the feature! So many incredible articles and writers in this list. And that whiteboard is gorgeous! I attempted something similar but it looked nowhere near as good.   Looking forward to hearing these tales you're spinning :D

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