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The Heartbeat Society

The Heartbeat Society is an open and controversial secret within the ranks of Yak'koli Psiolic and the population's conspiracy-obsessed fringe. It is a group of Exorcists, Witch-Hunters, Sathiid-Slayers, and Rajhska Apologists who seek out and vanquish lifelike constructs that Yak'koli deems legal but which they deem unethical — anything which can survive without a heartbeat, short of the Monoliths themselves.

Though not all of their members are religious in their motivation, the driving notions of the Society are religious, and as such it is classified as a Heretical Cult and rejected by the temple. This rejection rarely results in actual action, however, leading many to feel that the temple privately endorses their hunts.

Nobody is certain who leads the Society, but it is widely believed that part of Solanthyr's infamous demotion from head Exorcist of the Keepers was related to a coverup of her being outed as a member of the society.

The society is openly defied by the Order of the Lotus, which protects Uplifts and the Pure of Heart.

Above: Reminiscent of the Rajhska, the society is represented by a sun. Credit to Game-Icons

Religious, Cult

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