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Keepers of Yak'koli

The Keepers of Yak'koli—the Yak'koliTigari—serve the city of Yak'koli in the name of the Amuin-Yak'koli. They are the first level of interaction for any matters of the city—their jurisdiction is broad, but their authority is limited to negating conflict.


Keepers are easily spotted by their golden cloaks and beaded sashes. The sashes demonstrate their rank, seniority, and the duties they personally excel at, and serve as an indicator to citizens
Keepers are not armed except when Ruta Olus sightings are at a peak or during civil unrest.

Roles and Duties

Most Keepers are trained to deescalate public disputes while not getting involved in them. If a dispute turns physical, they are to resolve it with a minimum of violence.
Keepers are trained in how to repel Rutas Olu, swarms, as well as how to protect against Echoes and other threats to citizens.
Keepers are expected to have an innate understanding of the layout of the city and its many resources, and to help citizens and tourists alike should they have any questions.
Public Safety
Keeps are supposed to be the first line of defense against social and infrastructural problems, and to report it to the city board to be handled.
Alternative Names
Yak'koliTigariYag'guliTigar'ri • Yag'gTii • Goldcoats

Above: While the Tigari typically keep their faces bare, they wear beaded basket helms during official functions.


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