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The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís

Public socioarchitectural record
Property of the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís, Eörpe

The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís prides itself as the prime center of science and academia in the United Worlds, having raised some of the galaxy’s most brilliant minds and stood at the center of numerous scientific and technical discoveries and breakthroughs since its founding.   Today, the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís serve both as a major research center and also hosts the United Worlds’ largest universities. It also features the Royal Atheneum, from which it takes its namesake; a massive databank that have surpassed even the famous Suzsukoro’s Grand Expedition Archive in volume, taking the title of the most exhaustive repository of collected knowledge in existence.  

Etymology & Definition

The name of the entirety of the location is taken from the original building it grew from, the Royal Atheneum. While the double naming of the original building and the entire location is sometimes grounds for referential confusion, all alternatives that’s been offered so far have been declined.  


Circa 6500 years ago the Center of Science & Culture petitioned the High Republic Parliament, under the governance of First Union Minister Gidén Hammarut, for the centralization and protection of mutually important information to the newly formed Eörpan Collective. The petition was accepted the same year and it was decided that the new, modern, and highly secure facility would be built close to the governmental center at the city of Hövnís.   Using contemporary architecture augmented with the latest technology within computer sciences and security, the Royal Atheneum was constructed and ready for use less than five years later.   A secondary building for administrative purposes was raised twenty-five years later, and the original facility became sealed from entry for all but it’s dedicated neuralims and maintenance personnel. The administrative seat’s purpose was initially the analysis, validation, and approval of collected data.   In the coming years the the rapidly growing repository of knowledge was made accessible for an increasing number of fields of usage, which drew the interest of academics and scientists. More facilities were built close to the original Royal Atheneum, which became jointly named the Hövnísan Institute of Principal Sciences.   By this time the Eörpan Collective had joined the United Worlds, and Hövnís itself was officially titled as the prime capital of the planet Eörpe. The Royal Atheneum archives gained further significance as it was decided to make it the main hub of data collection and storage for not just the Eörpan Collective but the entire United Worlds alliance. Several similar archives on other worlds were discontinued and then repurposed to act as secured backup storages for the newly appointed central archive.   As the city of Hövnís garnered increased importance as a cultural center, both on Eörpe and in the United Worlds, it saw tremendous growth in the coming century. The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís saw significant growth with it, and circa 120 years later it had come to include the Royal Hövnísan Academy of Empirical & Formal Sciences.  

Current Day

Thousands of years later, the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís still stands proudly as the prime knowledge repository and continues to hold the title as United Worlds’ largest university. Its different institutions are well known for being involved in a wide variety of projects meant to promote equal opportunity for all in terms of development and learning, across all available mediums.  


The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís was built close to the Eörpan Grand Assembly and Old Hövnísan Hall of the People, all located on the Tispen plateau and overlooking the city of Hövnís.   The Vilde River runs through parts of the academy grounds and have been integrated into its parks. The grand waterfall that leads the river off the plateau down to the Ootlun Lake is viewable from the higher floors of the university buildings.  

Structure & Layout

Throughout the ages, the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís has grown to include everything students, teachers, and other personnel would need to live comfortably all year around within its walls. The grounds are separated into four “districts” with different levels of authorizations needed for ones UWCID or ECCID identifications in order to access.   The grounds can only be entered through the main gates that remain unpowered during open hours and closed via a kinestasis field otherwise. The main courtyard greets visitors and tourists with small shops and restaurants, as well as information stands.   There’s plenty of space allocated between buildings in all of the districts that feature parks, gardens, walkways, plazas, and patios. The gardens and parks are lovingly maintained in order to provide visual aesthetic pleasure to those attending the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís.  

The Royal Hövnísan Academy of Empirical & Formal Sciences

This district consists of two major facilities for educations focused on natural and social sciences respectively. It contains lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, a library, public study areas and teacher offices.   The much more recently built Creatives Lyceum and the Ecosocial Center are located between the two facilities, close to the Vilde river. Creative arts and philosophical studies were moved to the former, while the latter was built to house studies in eco-environment and sentientology.   The House of Sapient Care & Medicine was also relocated to its own facility which was built along the park road leading from the academy grounds to the Institute of Principal Sciences.  

The Academic Village

The academic village is the district dedicated to buildings for individuals that need long-term housing while working or studying at the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís.   In order to ensure the comfort, safety and privacy of teachers and other personnel who have chosen to live at the academy village it’s been split into two separate regions by a tall wall, and authorization restrictions means students can only enter the part of the village where their apartment complexes and dormitories are located. Personnel are able to hire either an apartment or a stand-alone house, depending on needs and availability.   Both regions include their own Public Services Center and Recreational Center. In front of the two gates leading to the respective regions is a plaza featuring a collection of shops and restaurants.  

The Hövnísan Institute of Principal Sciences

This district consists of a large octagonal main building, four separate smaller facilities, and an observatory, all dedicated to scientific research and development. Special authorization is required to enter the district and any of its facilities, limiting access to scientists and researchers working there, maintenance workers and security personnel.  

The Royal Atheneum

This district consists of the Central Security & Safety Vaults, the Administration & Maintenance Center, and of course the Royal Atheneum data archive itself. Access to the district is very limited and each facility is under a much higher lever of surveillance compared to the rest of the grounds.  

Security & Defense

The entire grounds and its respective districts are encircled by tall, smooth stone walls and elegant metal fences whose primary purpose is keeping the general public from trespassing outside of visiting hours.  

Open Hours & Curfew

Entry into the grounds is only possible through the main kinestasis-gate, which is open for the public during non-holiday weekdays between 08.00-20.00 and for authorized personnel or students all days between 06.00-22.00.   Students have a mandatory curfew and are expected to be in their respective rooms between 22.00-06.00 during non-holiday weekdays. During weekends and holidays, the curfew is laxer and allows students to be out in the public rooms and outdoor areas belonging to the dormitories even during night.  

Authorization & Access

Both the main gates and district gates are fitted with security technology that identifies all individuals passing through by scanning their UWID or ECID, which can either be installed as a cybernetic chip or worn as a bracelet. Any individual lacking their identification, comes up as a “person of concern”, or isn’t authorized to enter will be flagged to the local secrals.   Typically, first approach is utilizing oculites to make contact with the individual directly and issue a warning. If the warning isn’t heeded immediately, local security personnel will be sent to remove the offending individual. If security issues arise that cannot be internally solved, the secrals can connect directly to the Public Hövnísan Security & Patrol Forces in order to request assistance.   Personnel that need to pass through any gates after 23.00 and before 06.00 have to be let through manually, and they will typically have to let the secrals know in advance that they’ll be entering or leaving outside of normal hours. Under normal circumstances only maintenance or security personnel would be considered to have valid reasons to be out during nighttime.  


The Royal Atheneum of Hövnís has an average population of 1.2 million permanent staff, including teachers, scientists, researchers, administrative staff, security personnel and maintenance workers.   The universities see an average annual attendance of 3.2 million students, and only circa 10% of those are natives of Eörpe. In many worlds, being accepted into the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís is considered a great privilege and education through any of its programs is guaranteed to lead to prestigious job offers both on Eörpe, their homeworld or any other world they may decide to move to.  

Notable Individuals


Dr. Eirin Karst

An eörpan researcher within the linguistic field that reached galactic fame through their many breakthroughs in the research into the ancient languages of the Homo Sapiens. They constructed Latirönen that became widely used for formal nomenclature in most scientific fields and are today carrying the main responsibility for curating this language.

Dr. Tybulus Svilen

An aisime pedagogue that’s become a familiar face in public media due to their involvement in most of the Public Enlightenment Initiatives. Well-liked and popular, the H.E.E.I have seen a significant increase in views and attendance since their debut as main host of the shows.


Also nicknamed “Space Cat”, JemJem is the pet of Dr. Tybulus Svilen and has managed to accrue an idol status of their own after being featured in an episode of Stratotastic Critters that touched upon different bioengineered species. By many, JemJem is considered the unofficial “mascot” of the university.


One of several regirals responsible for classifying and organizing data that’s been validated and accepted for integration into the main data archives.   Natira gained a measure of notability after acceding to participating in an episode of All Ye Gentlebeings that spoke about neuralims and their place in modern society. They have also volunteered to help people requiring assistance in using the Public Knowledge Repository.


A secral serving as the head of security at the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís. While rarely heard or seen as they’re mostly confined to the Central Security & Safety Vaults, there’s a surprising volume of rumors and stories involving them floating around the students’ Academy Village.

Initiatives For
Public Enlightenment

In our pursuit of spreading scientific enlightenment across all of Rosepetal we are organizing several initiatives in order to make validated, tested, and proven, data available to the wider public in a format accessible to everyone.  
The Public
Knowledge Repository
Our most recent initiative is the opening of the Public Knowledge Repository (P.K.R.), which is accessible both through regular reckoners, the meshverse, or by visiting the atheneum itself on Hövnís, Eörpe. Every entry accessible through the P.K.R. is carefully curated and frequently updated to provide you with the most contemporary and correct information.   We have several dedicated academics working tirelessly to compile and organize official documentations to help you quench your thirst for knowledge of anything and everything in our glorious Rosepetal.  
Disclaimer: Please observe that the P.K.R is still under construction and the library continually expanded with new documentation.
The Hövnísan Extracurricular
Education Initiative
One of our most popular initiatives is the Hövnísan Extracurricular Education Initiative (H.E.E.I.), which consists of serialized educational programs primarily targeted for younger audiences interested in learning more about the galaxy and the universe.   The programs are run seasonally on a fixed weekly schedule, most hosted by our very own popular pedagogue Dr. Tybulus Svilen. Currently, the H.E.E.I features four programs that are aired on subverse radio or can be watched on any meshverse-compatible reckoner. The episodes are also made available as transcriptions in all major languages the next day.  

What a World

This program is centered around planetology, teaching young students about both famous and less known planets in the Rosepetal, and about notable locations and features found on them.

All You Gentlebeings

This program is centered around anthropology and sociology, primarily teaching young students about various cultures, philosophies, religions, and ethnicities found in the Rosepetal.

Stratotastic Critters

This program is centered around zoology, teaching young students about different sentient lifeforms and their habitats.

Just so Novastruck

This program is centered around astronomy, teaching young students about space, the galaxy, celestial bodies, and verses.

Cover image: by Joakim Olofsson


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Such a complete article! While I don't particularly enjoy school (or at least the school system in our world) I love knowledge and The Public Knowledge Repository and The Hövnísan Extracurricular Education Initiative sound amazing! I loved how you talked about the programs in the The Hövnísan Extracurricular Education Initiative and how you added info about some people of the city!

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Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
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