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Mature Content Advisory

Many articles in this setting may contain non-explicit descriptions, mentions, or allusions to themes, situations, and events that usually aren't categorized as mature content or would require content/trigger warnings but still may be more suitable to an adult audience.   They will generally not be stated in warnings on the site.   If you feel that any of the listed topics below will disturb or unsettle you, even when presented solely in an in-setting context, I would advise against reading/following this setting.  


Gambling, alcohol, or substance abuse and/or addiction.

Biological Descriptions

Descriptions of biological/physiological functions, body fluids, plus mental and physical conditions (including illness and trauma).


Historical and contemporary movements and events involving political or religious extremism.

Mass Death

Historical, contemporary, or prophesized events involving mass murder, war, genocide, annihilation, and the apocalypse.


Institutional/systematic persecution, extermination, oppression, slavery, or trafficking of any of the groups mentioned under 'discrimination'.

Abuse & Violence

Physical and mental abuse, cruelty, or death of individuals of all shapes, sizes, and ages.


Discrimination based on species, biological sex, age, nationality, ethnicity, belief, social class or caste, language, sexual orientation, gender, and disability.

Horror Elements

Events and narrative that include body horror, psychological horror, or cosmic horror.

Medical Descriptions

Descriptions of medical procedures/treatments, tools, and different alcohol- and/or drug-classed substances (including their intended/unintended uses).

Graphic and/or Explicit Content

Any content that I judge as being too graphic and/or explicit — usually a side-effect of certain descriptions being very detailed — will be hidden behind the mature content access group and not visible to readers by default.   There will be no obvious signs in a text whether there's hidden content or not, and the aim is to write articles in such a way that there's no glaring disruption in the flow if a reader chooses to keep this type of content off.   Checking the box on the right will assign you to the mature content access group. If you no longer want to view graphic/explicit content, you can opt out at any time by unchecking the box.

Mature Content Access

  By subscribing to the mature content access group, you state that:   You are 18 years or older.   You have read and understood the information found in this article.   You willingly opted in to see embedded content of more graphic and/or explicit nature.  

Intended Audience

As a reminder, this setting is aimed at a mature audience and was tagged with the Adult 18+ label for a reason.

Page Warnings

If a page contains descriptions, mentions, or allusions to content that I judge could be upsetting or triggering to some individuals, it will be labeled with a clear and visible warning.   This will most of the time, but not always, be due to said content being presented in a more close/personal manner.  
Content Warning
This label is an example of what a warning will look like.
  Warning labels are placed in the header of the article, to the right of the title, so that it can be seen and read well before scrolling down to the text proper.

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