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Cuisine of Jupiter's Wastelands

Aside from the occasional aurvadic whale breaching the surface of Jupiter's Edge, the planet appears rather lifeless from afar. Through the thick shield of gas reveals a blooming, bustling planet of people, plants and creatures. There are some major hotspots where the majority of jovians live, as they seldom explore past their original territories deemed safe, and anything past this is considered Jupiter's Wastelands.


Those that live in Jupiter's Wastelands do not have access to the typical 3D printed food that most consume. Jovians are a highly advanced species, and 3D printed food is the norm in more populated areas. Unfortunately, those that choose to live in the Wasttelands don't have teh technology for this, andsurvive on gathered scraps.

Jovians aren't a very violent species and prefer to scrounge around for fresh corpses and carcasses, turning whatever animals they can find into delicious meals. They are mostly carnivorous people, however supplementing their diets with the occasional fruit or vegetable that grow on the countless floating islands.

Ramsten Pens

Ramstens are one of the many aurvad species on Jupiter. Aurvads are an order of animals endemic to this planet, and they are the most populous order of vertebrates. Ramstens are a species of domesticated aurvad, bred to produce meat. In some of the more populated areas of the Wastelands ramsten farming is a common profession.

Their meat sheds along with their wool, an evolutionary tactic to keep animals from killing them, as predators are smart enough to know that this free meat takes up less energy to hunt for, and that if the ramstens remain alive more meat will be produced.

Roasted Bugs

Considered a treat and a delicacy, roasted bugs are a popular food for Wasteland inhabitants. The various insect species found in the Wastelands are quite docile, and can easily be caught with rudimentary traps. Shoved on burning campfires and they crispen up in an instant, and contain fattening nutrients which is why they are eaten so often, as jovians must maintain great weights.

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