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Kingdom of Legvaren

The Kingdom of Legvaren, as its citizens will tell you, is the kingdom fighting for the rights of the elder races against the scourge of humanity. Legvaren is hyper-nationalistic and militeristic kingdoms which was born after the Second Sunndering of the elves, dedicated to restoring the place of the Elder Races in Runetalras. Legvaren believes itself to be the true successor to the Elventine Empire, and the only kingdom with the will to restore the old order.


The Kingdom of Legvaren is located on the continent of Undras, occupying its Easternmost points. To its West, though only connected by a small point, are the Yhess Kingdoms, to its South the desolate Seldori Range, and to the North-East the Sulphur Seas and beyond the Atarsid Isles. The land that Legvaren now occupies was left a barren wasteland after the Age of Blood, it was only the efforts Legvaren’s mastery of magic that has rendered it some of the most fertile lands in all of Runetalras, a symbol that the Elder Races can restore the damage done by humanity.


The majority of the population of Legvaren is elven, with blade elves making up the largest of them, followed by high, wood, and wandering elves in that order. There are small minorities of aasimar, gnomeshalflings, dragonborn, dwarves, tieflings, half-orcs, goliaths, and firbolgs, as well as a number of monstrous races.


The majority of the population of Legvaren worship the Seldarine, as it is the only religion that is permitted to be worshipped openly. The Seldarine are a shadow of what they once were in the time of the Elventine. All that is known of the Seldarine has been pieced together from oral traditions and rare artefacts that have survived steel, fire, and the millenia that have passed since the dawn of the Age of Conquest. The deity of the Seldarine that receives the most worship is Athbheo, a deity of anger, revenge, revanchism, and hatred of humans.

Racial Relations

The peoples of Legvaren believe that all of the Elder Races are comrades in their shared struggle against the encroachment of humanity, therefore most races receive equitable share. Humans, however, are not legally permitted to settle within Legvaren, and when they appear they are shown stark discrimination and racial violence.

Views on Magic

The Kingdom of Legvaren believe magic to be a useful arrow in the quiver, to be utilised in both war and peace. They recognise that magic can be dangerous, but with proper training and control can be used to serve the Kingdom.


The Kingdom of Legvaren is ruled by a Regent Lord, who has the greatest power over the politics over Legvaren. The Regent Lord is selected for their valour, intellect, and charisma to rule for their life. This system has been in place since the creation of Legvaren, but the stated intention was to eventually find a monarch, although practically that dream seems to have long since died. The Senate of Sword is a parliament composed of powerful noble houses and military leaders, the Senate elects the Regent Lord among other duties.

International Relations

The Kingdom of Legvaren is, for the most part, an international pariah due to its crusade against the Human kingdoms of the world. Legvaren maintains cordial relationships with the other kingdoms that claim to be the successors of the Elventine Empire, Kingdom of Selu’Qidar and Kingdom of Elnusari.


Education is a key component of the Kingdom of Legvaren. All members of Legvaren society are taught history, geography, warfare, and of the destructive effect humans have had on the world. Additionally until their maturity the population of Legvaren are subject to a mandatory and brutal physical training regiment, and training is various weapons.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

The society of the Kingdom of Legvaren generally recognises a vast multitude of gender identities. Additionally, the society of Legvaren also accepts that people are and can be gender fluid. However, as a result of the militant and revanchist nature of Legvaren, it is a societal stigma to identify as anything other than the gender that matches a person birth sex.   There are also strict gender roles throughout the Kingdom of Legvaren. Unlike many other kingdoms which perpetuate gender roles, the genders are considered equal with both having roughly equal representation in the economy, military, and institutions of power. Instead, different gender identities take on roles which their gender leads them to be ‘best suited to’ for instance women are more often evokers while men are abjurers within arcane orders.   Sexual freedom within the Kingdom of Legvaren is permitted, however, heterosexulity is considered the ‘normal’ sexual idenity. Other sexual idenities are stigmised and looked down up, as they are unable to result in offspring - something which is emphisied as a way back to grandeur for the peoples of Legvaren.   The Kingdom of Legvaren possess an absolute primogeniture which is a form of primogeniture in which sex is irrelevant for inheritance; this exists for all forms of inheritance from the monarchies to familial wealth.   Individuals like experienced adventurers and mages are often spared the worst of this system as a result of the power they oft possess.


Through the use of conscripted labour and magic Legvaren have constructed a significant road network, aqueduct system, and sewage ways. The Kingdom has also constructed large port cities.

Agriculture & Industry

The agriculture of the Kingdom of Legvaren has in recent decades exploded, as part of an effort to make Legarvren self-sufficient.through the use of advanced aqueducts and agrarian techniques and extensive use of magic have terriformed the region the claim in Undras. The industry of Legvaren is likewise self-sufficient, the needs of Legvaren are broadly met from the production of chairs and tables, to weapons, and chandeliers, though they are of only decent quality. As a result exports of goods are low, while the demand for luxury goods are high.


The Kingdom of Legvaren was founded amidst conflict during the Age of Contempt, but has filled it's history which

Age of Contempt

The Second Sundering of the Elves is the name given to a civil war within the Kingdom of Selu-Qidar between 13-42:Contempt. The Second Sundering grew out of political disagreements with the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar. In the aftermath of the Age of Blood two factions came to prominence the Isolationists and Restorationists. The Isolationists believed that Selu’Qidar needed to turn inwards, address social, infrastructure, and cultural voids that had been left after the destruction of the Elventine and the ravages of the Age of Blood. Further they believed that to chase after the former glory of the Elventine was folly, instead the glory of Selu’Qidar needed to be established in their own right. The Restorationists believed that Selu’Qidar needed to look outwards, help the other Elder Races from Human oppression, and seek to restore the days of the Elventine. The conflict remained ideological and political until 13:Contempt, when the Restorationist began to gain significant influence amongst the elite and populace of Selu’Qidar. The Isolationist decided to violently purge the Restorationist, however, the purge was only partially successful. The failed purge created martyrs and militarised the issue. Civil war broke out, which devastated Selu Qidar for almost 30 years. The Second Sundering of the Elves came to an end when the Restorationists entered a state of exile. The Restorationists travelled to Undras where they founded the Kingdom of Legvaren. The Isolationists secured their position and are still the dominant ideology within the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar.   The Selderite Restoration 42-182:Contempt. When the Kingdom of Legvaren was founded its lands and the lands that surrounded it were ruined and corrupted by the after effects of the Age of Blood and the Ritual at Kirthlath. Legvaren undertook one of the greatest works of magic in the Age of Contempt, the Selderite Restoration. Legvaren spellcaster worked to undo the taint of Kirthlath, and its warriors and rangers fought hideous monstrosities that stalked the lands. By the 182:Contempt the Selderite Restoration accomplished all it could, the north less temperate and fertile whilst the south, the Seldori Range, was far too corrupted and tainted by the fell magic that caused the Age of Blood; despite this Selderite Restoration is considered a great success that made huge swaths of land inhabitable once more and secured the kingdom of Legvaren.   Legvaren-Yhessie War 202-231:Contempt. The Kingdom of Legvaren launched a series of wars against the Yhess Kingdoms which started in 202:Contempt. At its peak in the War Legvaren had the cities of Stargrave and Vanorgal under siege at the same time. By 225:Contempt the Yhess Kingdoms finally formed a united front and bitterly pushed back Legvaren’s forces. Legvaren halted its retreat at the Battle of Dhu Gaeth 230:Contempt. Both sides attempted to renew offensives but met with failure before peace was signed in 231:Contempt.   The Invasion of Al'armukhtar 318-340:Contempt. The Kingdom of Legvaren began an invasion of the largest of the Atarsid Isles Al'armukhtar, they formed a beachhead in disputed lands between the Atarsid City-States. The City-States proved incapable of the defence of their people and lands as the Legvaren ran rampant and fortified ever further positions. It was only after the Ordained Light, a military religious order dedicated to the deity Horra, formed an army and led a crusade to expel Legvaren that the war was brought to an end as Legvaren lost all territories upon Al'armukhtar.   Ye-hitay is Founded 330: Contempt. The Hevessie Kingdom of Ye-hitay is founded on land that the Kingdom of Legvaren claimed.   Bar Junta is Founded 333:Contempt. The Free State of Bar Junta was founded on land that the Kingdom of Legvaren claimed.   Forthral is Founded 344:Contempt. The Free State of Forthral was founded on land that the Kingdom of Legvaren claimed.   Telforth is Founded 350:Contempt. The Free State of Forthral was founded on land that the Kingdom of Legvaren claimed.   Kaytel is Founded 354:Contempt. The Hevessie Kingdom of Kaytel was founded on land that the Kingdom of Legvaren claimed.   The Selderite War 361-369:Contempt. Bar Junta, Forthral, Kaytel, Telforth, and Ye-hitay formed an alliance against Legvaren and launched a surprise attack upon the Kingdom. The allied kingdoms made gains from their surprise attack but by 363:Contempt their advance ground to halt, from that point on Legvaren systematically pushed the allied kingdoms back. By 369:Contempt Legvaren burnt and destroyed Kaytel, Telforth, and Ye-hitay, whilst Bar Junta and Forthral were forced to sue for a humiliating peace.   Open support for the Tee’Chaher 403:Contempt. In 403:Contempt the Kingdom of Thaxnoria boarded several Legvaren ships and uncovered Legvaren had been sending military and financial support to the Tee’Chaher, and further it was uncovered that this support went back centuries. After this point, Legvaren began open support for the Tee’Chaher.   Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion and Wars of Undeath 532-533:Contempt. In 532:Contempt Legvaren, as a result of negotiations with the Heroes of the Free States, joined in an alliance of Free States and kingdoms against the Kingdom of Thaxnorian. This alliance fought in the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion, with the most significant battle taking place at Havdar Field where the majority of Legvaren forces were killed as they defended the retreat of allied forces. The Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion ended abruptly with the reemergence of the Avatar of Orcus and Crystal Catalyst in the Wars of Undeath. Legvaren began the mobilisation for more forces, however, before they could rejoin the theatre of war the Avatar of Orcus and Crystal Catalyst were defeated.   Bar Junta-Legvaren War 542:Contempt. Legvaren invaded and destroyed the Free State Bar Junta. They scattered its people and conquered its territories.

Our bodies are strong, our blades are sharp

Population: 1,200,000
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
In order from high to low value, respectively, these are Platinum Hearts, Golden Blades, Silver Sheilds, and Copper Castles
Major Exports
high quality weapons, armour, and steel.
Major Imports
Silk, Precious Stones and Gems, Dimeritium, Mithral, Tungsten, Gold, Platnium, Yew Wood, Adamantine, Coffee, Weaveite, Silver, Tin, Sulfur, as well as extra-regional foodstuffs.

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