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Kingdom of Selu’Qidar

The Kingdom of Selu’Qidar, also known as the high home of the high elves, is one of many kingdoms which claims to be the successor to the Elventine Empire. It is an isolationist kingdom which seeks to move forward beyond the history of the Elventine to advance, it does this through understanding and arcane.


Selu’Qidar is a lush kingdom of emerald glades and crystal lakes, kept intact through careful management and the use of magic. It is protected from the Rugged Pass by Tursan’s Barrier (a mountain range said to be created by the legendary archmage Tursan in the Age of Contact) and the Five Gates (massive citadels that block access to the Kingdom).   Selu’Qidar is located on the continent of Runedastil, the Kingdom is bordered to the North, East, and West by the Free States, and further east the Kilgarth Mountains and the Kingdom of Thaxnoria.


The vast majority of the Selu’Qidar population are high Elves and forest gnome, there are significant minorities of blade, wood, and wandering elves. There are small numbers of dragonborn, dwarves, and halfling, of tiefling, aasimarhalf-orcs, goliath, and firbolgs, as well as a number of monstrous races.


A significant amount of the population of the Selu'Qidar do not worship the deities, not because they do not believe in them, but because they believe that whatever deities exist have abandoned them. There are those who worship deities within Selu’Qidar, with the most common being the Seldarine.

Racial Relations

Selu’Qidar has racism ingrained into its core, there are no legal restrictions but through discrinmation others races and ethnicities are forced out of professions and into slums. The high elves and forest gnomes believe themselves to be ethnically superior, not just to humans and other races, but also to the other elven and gnomish ethnicities. Humans are explicitly forbidden to even enter Selu’Qidar, however, exceptions have been made for important officials and adventurers.

Views on Magic

Selu'Qidar views magic as both innate to the very being of their people, and essential to their way of life. While the Qidari recognise that magic can be dangerous, they believe that the danger is a flaw of the less capable races' mastery over the arcane. The Qidari view their education system as being sufficient to nullify the dangers of the arcane. The use of magic is ingrained in the way of life of the Qidari, instead of torches the Qidari use magic to light rooms, magic is used to construct massive and fantastic buildings, grow crops faster, and even mundane tasks.


The Kingdom of Selu’Qidar is an elective monarchy, the Noble Court comprised of the forty most powerful houses. The Noble Court elects the High King of the Selu’Qidar after a thirty day period of mourning, though the Court intrigue typically begins before the High King has expired. Each House vies to have one of their own elected High King, although if they cannot get one of their kin elected they vie for one who favours their family, beliefs or ideology. For all the deception, manipulation, and treachery employed during the election process, it is considered almost heretical for the election process to escalate to open warfare, though it is not unheard of in the history of the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar

International Relations

As a general rule Selu’Qidar is an isolationist kingdom, who reluctantly engage in trade as a necessity. They do however, maintain cordial relationships with the kingdoms of Elnusari and Caedreon, and have entered a sudo-alliance with the Free States of Feloc, despite the latter being a Human majority kingdom.


For all citizens of Selu'Qidar education is mandatory until they reach their early adulthood and further education is encouraged with no cost associated. The education of the Qidari includes history, politics, geography, engineering, and the arcane.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

The society of the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar generally recognises a vast multitude of gender identities. Additionally, the society of Selu’Qidar also accepts that people are and can be gender fluid. Despite, the acceptance of multiple gender identities male and female are seen as the default.   Within the society of the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar there are a distinct lack of gender roles, with men, women, and intersex people being just as common in every sector of society.   The Kingdom of Selu’Qidar possess an absolute primogeniture which is a form of primogeniture in which sex is irrelevant for inheritance; this exists for all forms of inheritance from the monarchies to familial wealth.


The Kingdom of Selu'Qidar possess fine roads connecting much of the Qidari to one another, but also possess a system of waystones capable of transporting important people vast distances instantaneously. The ships of the Qidar are not as adept, and Qidari ships are not known for their efficacy at sea, nor are their ports particularly expansive.

Agriculture & Industry

The Selu'Qidar believe themselves above manual labour, both agricultural and industrial. It is through magic, arcane, and other races that Selu'Qidar continues to function. Selu'Qidar does produce high quality goods of all kinds with elves willing to spend centuries to learn their crafts, be that smithing, jewellery, or enchanting. For agricultural needs the Qidari rely on an extremely limited number of animated servants and other races who work the land for the Qidari, though the Qidari are known to work vineyards to produce fine wine.

From the ashes glory and honour

Population: 1,800,000
Founding Date
Late in the Age of Conquest
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The high home of the high elves
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
In order from high to low value, respectively, these are Platinum Phoenixs, Golden Crowns, Silver Stars, and Copper Moons
Major Exports
Weavite, Marble, Silk, Glass, Wine, Timber, Tin, Beeswax and Honey, Flax, Cereal Grains, Precious Stone and Gems, and high quality industrial products.
Major Imports
Dimeritium, Silver, Yew Wood, Adamantine, Coffee, Incense, Ivory, Jade, Spices, Sugar, Tea, Mithral, Ironwood, Tungsten, Salt, Lead, Sulfur, Cocoa, as well as extra-regional foodstuffs.
Legislative Body
Noble Court
Judicial Body
Phoenix Court
Controlled Territories

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