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Kingdom of Makthoria

The Kingdom of Makthoria is the northernmost remnant of the historial great kingdom Orzar’Nack. It was created as a far flung colony but gained its independence at great cost; the Darkquake and eruption of the Black Mountain fundermanly altered its cause of history, and left it to fend for itself, and left its great halls filled with magma.


Makthoria is located within the Atarsid Isles, specifically the most southerly of the great isles. The Kingdom itself was historically a subterranean kingdom, this had to change after the Black Mountain entered into a constant state of eruption during the Age of Blood. Its once great halls filled with magma, and the kingdom had to turn to the surface. Now it is mixed, part on the surface and part below as they continue their generation-long process to reclaim their ancestral homeland.   To the North lays the Kingdom of Sarvartar, to the West the Atarsid City-States, and to the far west across the Sulphur Sea the Kingdom of Legvaren.


The vast majority of the population of Makthoria are dwarves, rock gnomes, and genasi. Significant minorities are made up of elves, aasimar, gnomes, halflings, dragonborn, tiefling, half-orcs, goliath, and humans; this is the result of Makthoria being the only Kingdom of the Atarsid Isles to oppose the institution of slavery.


The vast majority of the population of Makthoria worship the Morndinsamman, also known as the dwarven or Rock Gnome pantheon. Grand temples to the Morndinsamman are present throughout Makthoria, and rarely temples to individual deities of the Morndinsamman. It is rare for priests to dedicate themselves to individual deities within the Morndinsamman, although it is not unheard of, instead most pay worship to the deity of the Morndinsamman most relevant to them at the time. Within Makthoeria the deity Kalerdun receives a disproportionate amount of worship.   Given its nature as a harbour for escaping slaves, countless deites are worshiped throughout Makthoria, ranging from the Atun-huni Pantheon, the Seldarine, to deites worshipped as far off as the Free States.

Racial Relations

The Kingdom of Makthoria has remarkably positive racial relations, with their caste system being the source of conflict rather than race. There are exceptions, as a result of historic disaster, genasi and azer do face regular discrimniation.

Caste System

The Kingdom of Makthoria follows a strict caste system which has developed since the day of Orzar’Nack. The caste system is ridge but the ability for mobility does exist, though it is a rare process. A member of a higher caste may adopt a person no older than 30, or Flame Touched King is capable of raising one's caste by creating a new house.   Makthoria's caste system has undergone profound change since the days of Orzar’Nack; it has adapted to the needs and values of Makthoran in the modern day. The position of farmers and spellforgers has been greatly raised as they became more important to the survival of Makthoran.   The highest rank within the caste system is Royalty, followed by Nobility, then Warrior, Priests, and Farmers, then Crafters, Smiths, Stone Masters (builders and architecture), Merchant, Spellforger, Soul Worker (entertainer, historians, etc.), then Steward, Labour, and, and finally the Casteless.

Views on Magic

While the Kingdom of Makthoria once regarded magic with suspicion and mistrust, it is now seen as salvation. Mages, druids, and priests have worked to make parts of Makthoria inhabitable once more, and have tried to end the eruptions but failed thus far. This has had a profound effect on the perception of magic within Makthoria and the caste system.


The Kingdom of Makthoria is led by the Flame Touched King who rules over all of Makthoran with an ironfist. The absolute monarchs lead Makthoria through the darkness that the Kingdom was thrown into after the Darkquake and eruption of the Black Mountain.

International Relations

Makthoria is isolated within the Atarsid Isles as the only Kingdom that opposes the institution of slavery that is perpetuated by the Atarsid City-States and the Kingdom of Sarvartar. The opposition to slavery and slaverers has led to good relations with the Kingdom of Legvaren.


Education is entirely based upon one's caste. A farmer receives what basic education is needed to understand the agricultural processes of crop rotation and the like, while a stone master is schooled in the strengths of different stone and metals, and geological processes of tectonic shifts, and the nobles receive broad and an elongated education.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

Within the Kingdom of Makthoria gender identiy is not determined by the sex of a person when they are born; instead a person within Makthoria is free to choose and change their gender identiy until they reach maturity. Once a person reaches their maturity as a part of their coming of age they must ‘set in stone’ the gender identity.   There are thee general recognised gender identities within Kingdom of Makthoria, male, female, nonconforming. A person whose gender identity does not match their sex is treated the same as a person who sex matches their gender idenity. In general male and females are considered equal, however, nonconforming person are treated with a degree of amusement and confusion and can be sometimes be relegated to the worst jobs within their caste.   Gender roles within Makthoria are strictly defined. All genders have a place in the activities of the caste system, with female roles generally being less physically demanding.   As a rule same sex relationships are viewed as normal, as are those with individuals who different gender identity to that which they were born with. There is, however, an exception for the nobility and monarchs who view it as essential to carry on their bloodline.   The Kingdom of Makthoria possess an absolute primogeniture which is a form of primogeniture in which sex is irrelevant for inheritance; this exists for all forms of inheritance from the monarchies to familial wealth.   Individuals like experienced adventurers and mages are often spared the worst of this system as a result of the power they oft possess.


The roads within the Kingdom of Makthoria are greatly degraded, the heat of the magma below has distorted and damaged the roads systems, a similar effect has occurred on the aqueducts, but greater expense has been spent on their upkeep. The ports within Makthoria have been greatly expanded since the eruption of the Black Mountain as Makthoria became the breadbasket of the Atarsid Isles.

Agriculture & Industry

Makthoria is considered the breadbasket of the Atarsid Isles, as with their move to the surface the Kingdom shifted its economy towards agriculture. The industry of the Kingdom likewise shifted, instead of being a mass producer of industrial goods Makthoria has shifted to small-scale production of high quality goods. The Kingdom is also known for its use of obsidian, sulphur, and ignis stone.

Heavy is the Hammer

Population: 400,000
Founding Date
Late in the Age of Contact
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Major Exports
Sugar, Tea, Copper, Ignis Stone, Cereal Grains, Tungsten, Silver, Tin, Sulfur, Lead, Iron, Sugar, and Tea
Major Imports
Dimeritium, Gold, Dyes, Weaveite, Sheep, Ironwood, Yew Wood, Adamantine, and as well as extra-regional foodstuffs.

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