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The Ardenals support the most fertile farmlands in all of Thaxnoria, indeed the Ardenals are referred to as the bread basket of Thaxnoria. With its mass production of foodstuff the Ardenals have become the second richest region of Thaxnoria. The Ardenals also as a result of its high population are able support the largest army of Thaxnoria. The Ardenals are the home of chivalry and honour within Thaxnoria, with the virtues of prowess, courage, honesty, loyalty, generosity, faith, and courtesy being held in the highest regard. Wine is also an important cultural touchstone, with hundreds of vineyards and famed Ardeaux wine being held for House Gathral and the Castrion family consumption only.  


All who visit the Ardenals agree they are a land of beauty with few locations that rival it in the known world. Lush fields of grass and wildflowers are common throughout the countryside, as are rolling hills of green. In the northern areas of the country snow capped mountains grace the skies, and in the south clear oceans. The lands are ripe for agriculture, with massive fields of golden grains, and magnificent orchards and vineyards being common. The roads are crossed with these beautiful sights and those of ancient woods. However, these beautiful lands are just as filled with monsters and horrors as the rest of the world, the Ardenals’ beauty merely hiding them.  

Level of Autonomy

Even with the use of messenger birds and magical communication it is impossible for any absolute ruler or even council to effectively rule such a large kingdom. As a result, a large degree of autonomy is vested within local rulers, who must profess loyalty to the Monarchy, the House of Peers, and the Kingdom of Thaxnoria. Within the Ardenals the first family are the Castrions, who obtained their role First Lords and Ladies of the Ardenals during the Thaxnorian Unification; however even their ability to rule locally is far from absolut, with power being vested within local Lords, Barrons, and Knights.   The Ardenals, under the Castrions, are bordly free to impose their own laws and have customs and traditions that differ wildly from the rest of Thaxnoria. There exceptions, the Ardenals must impose port fees and ship taxes as dictated by the Monarch and House of Peers, must provide centally dedicated levels of troops in times of war, and the region as a whole has must provide tribute and taxes at a level decided by the Monarch and House of Peers, however, the Ardenals are free to rise these funds through any form of tax policy that they deem fit.  

Nonhuman Relations

The Ardenals, like much of Thaxnoria, have a troubled history when it comes to the nonhumans. Nonhumans are second class citizens, and treated as such, they are forced to pay a higher level of tax, limited from certain professions, and segregation is strongly held in place. The upper classes of the Ardenals are highly prejudiced against nonhumans believing them to be an anathema to culture, honour, and decorum.  

Views on Arcane Magic

Much like virtually all of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria the Ardenals are an adherent to the Toc’vastil Accords, as such mages are imprisoned within the Arcane Bastilles. Those mages who resist or attempt to evade the Bastilles are hunted not only by Brightswords within the Ardenals but also the Knight Errants. Boardly the peoples of the Ardenals fear those capable to casting magic.  


The Ardenals is the youngest of the six kingdoms that form the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, only being formed in the aftermath of the Age of Blood. Its short history is marred with wars with the Uvani Hillands, Copperlands, and Gilded Kingdom, which only ended with the coming of House Gathral and Thaxnorian Unification, however conflict is still found in the regions surrounding the Cildarth Forest where the Ardenals, Guildlands, and Uvani Hilllands vie for control, with violence being common.  


The Ardenals broadly follow the Faith of the Octurn, having converted to it shortly after its emergence in 265:Contempt. This conversion was so successful as a result of the public acceptance by House Castrion, and that the worship of the deities Chauntea, Selûne, Sune, and Tyr were co opted into the Faith, all of whom were the dominant cult of the Ardenals.  

Agriculture & Industry

The Ardenals is also known as the breadbasket of Thaxnoria, its agricultural sector is both large and advanced, utilising crop rotation, aqueducts, and a significant portion of the population. This massive agriculture sector has made the Ardenals the second richest kingdom within Thaxnoria, after the Guildlands.

Chivalry, Love, Glory

Founding Date
1000:Conquest, Incorporated into the Kingdom of Thaxnoria 233:Contempt
Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
The Kingdom of the Ardenals
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Parent Organization
Official Languages

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