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Selûne (Sell-un)

Selûne is worshipped as a deity of love and passion, the moon and tides, travel and peace, and of desire and hedonism. Selûne is considered to be the good counterpart to the evil deity Shar.

Where the Cult Thrives

The Cult of Selûne is popular within the Free States and as part of the Faith of the Octurn in Thaxnoria, the Cult has also some following within the Wild Isles.

Tenets of the Faith

The followers of Selûne, also known as the Cult of Moonmaiden, believe that Selûne is a deity of many faces. She is worshipped as a deity of love and passion, the moon and tides, travel and peace, and of desire and hedonism. The faith is far from unified, with different sects placing emphasis on different aspects of the Moonmaiden. Many people pay worship to Selûne for different reasons, such as when they are in love or hoping to find love, or when they make their livelihood under the moonlight, and they ask her to calm the waves, or when they ask for protection as she watches over them. Some also worship her for seeking carnal pleasures. The followers of Selûne also have followers among the astronomers and those who study the stars, as a result of the Moonmaiden's connection with the night skies.


The followers of Selûne are varied and are united by their devotion to the deity. They include sailors, travellers, artists, astronomers and those seeking love or pleasure. As such, it cannot be said that there is any uniformity within the various sects of the cults.

Depictions of the Deity

Selûne is often depicted as a beautiful woman with silver hair, dressed in flowing white robes, with a crescent moon or a pair of eyes surrounded by seven stars.


The Blessed Night is a faction of individuals who are dedicated to the deity Selûne and her tenets of love, passion, and the protection of life. They are known for their focus on the Moons of Runetalras and the creation of art that is inspired by them. The faction offers sanctuary to those in need and also finances various art projects and mediums. They also have agents who are willing to take on distasteful actions in order to combat any threats to life and existence that may arise. The Blessed Night is likely a group of individuals who are passionate about Selûne's teachings and wish to spread her message and protect the world in her name. They may be artists, musicians, protectors and peacekeepers who are united in their devotion to Selûne and her ideals.
Titles: Lady of Silver, the Moonmaiden, the Night White Lady   Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good   Symbol: Pair of eyes surrounded by seven stars   Domains: Life, Peace, Twilight
Religious, Organised Religion

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