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Shar (She-Ah)

The deity Shar is a dark and mysterious figure. Her cult is dedicated to the night, shadows, trickery, entropy, and murder. Shar is considered to be the evil counterpart to the good deity Selûne.

Where the Cult Thrives

Worship of Shar is present throughout the Free States, Thaxnoria, and Wild Isles, although open worship to the deity is rare due to the dark nature of the cult and deity.

Tenets of the Faith

Shar is worshipped as a dark deity of the night, shadows, trickery, entropy, and murder. They believe that Shar offers protection, and that by worshiping her they gain her favor. They believe that Shar is a deity that can help them gain power, influence, and that can help them with their nefarious plans. Some sects of the Cult of Shar also believe that the light of the world must be snuffed out and that only Shar can bring an end to the suffering and madness in the world. They believe that Shar is mercy and hope in the darkness.


The priests of Shar ingratiate themselves to the communities they find themselves in and then work to gain power. As such, they do not typically keep a common garb, however, for rituals they were concealing robes which seem to drink in light.


Temples to Shar are versatile and shape themselves to appeal to the communities they are in, often hiding dark secrets and practices in plain sight. Depictions of the Deity: Shar is often depicted as a dark, mysterious feminine figure associated with the night and shadows.


The Dark Guard is a secret organisation that is dedicated to the worship of the deity Shar. They believe that Shar represents the darker aspects of life, such as death, shadows, trickery and entropy. They view her as a powerful force that can be harnessed for their own gain.   The Dark Guard is known for their use of illicit means to achieve their goals, such as bribery, blackmail, and deception. They are also known to be willing to resort to violence if necessary. They are a secretive group and often operate in the shadows, working behind the scenes to manipulate events and gain power.   The ultimate goal of the Dark Guard is to gain influence and control over the communities they operate in. They believe that through their actions they can bring about a kind of doomsday in which the light of the world will be snuffed out, and only Shar will remain. They view this as a kind of salvation and believe that Shar will end the suffering and madness of the world.   The Dark Guard is not a well-known or widely accepted group and is often seen as a criminal organisation that uses religion as a pretext for their actions. They have few allies, and many enemies, and are often opposed by those who believe in justice, honour and the rule of law.
Titles: The Mistress of the Night, the Dark Lady, the Lady of Loss   Alignment: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil, Neutral   Symbol: Black disk with a border   Domains: Death, Trickery
Religious, Organised Religion

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