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Free States

Contemporary Free States

  At the present time the Free States are compressed twenty-two kingdoms, petty-kingdoms, and greater free cities of varying sizes, strength, and influence. The twenty-two members are Aardelan, Agathel, Bar Junta, Bar Sunda, Cadurcil, Dispaxin, Duran, Enarsel, Feloc, Fothral, Ganartus, Hathban, Hunter’s Wrath, Kansura, Katura, Loc Now, Parthral, Runia, Surentra, Tel'Bacy, Velfauna, Warthnow. These powers are not united by a culture, ideology, or even religion, the primarily uniting force is political pragmatism, without a show of unity the individual Free States would be torn apart by the Great Powers of Runetalras; the Free States do however, broadly share the same language and currency.  

The Grand Alliances

  As a result of the vast divergences in ideology and security concerns the Free States have a number of alliances and defensive pacts, some of which are more active and functional that others.  

The Free League

  The Free League is a loss alliance at best and the most recently formed alliance within the Free States. The Free League is best understood as a reaction to the influence and success that the Humanist Bloc, a boardly racists alliance system. The Free League exists to pursue a policy of integration and cooperation between humans and elder races, it also exists as a defensive pact where if one member of the Free League is attacked by a member of the Humanists Bloc all members the Free League enter a state of war with that attacker. The Free League is, as of yet, untested, and it is unclear that this defensive pact system with in fact be activated when one of its members is attacked. The members of the Free League include Aarelan, Dispaxin, Duran, Enarsel, Feloc, Katura, Kensura, Loc Now, and Tel'Bacy.  

The Humanist Bloc

  The Humanist Bloc was first created to destroy the Free State of Aarelan, for its use of magic. While the attack of Aarelan failed in its objects the alliance to destroy Aarelan became an all encompassing alliance. The Humanist Bloc has been defined by its opposition to Free State who support the freedom and advancement for mages and the Elder Races; the Humanist Bloc's actions have led to the brink of war, and even a limited war when Ganartus toyed with reforms. The influence and the invasive actions of the Humanist Bloc led to the creation and expansion of the Free League. The members of the Humanist Bloc include Velfauna, Surentra, Parthral, Runia, Fothral, Tocvastil, Ganartus, and Warthnow.  

The Kilgarth Barrier

  The Kilgarth Barrier is the oldest surviving alliance within the Free States, predating the Free States' Wars. The raison d'etre for the Kilgarth Barrier is the containment of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria to the Arm of Runedastil. This has been addressed through economic harassment, subterfuge, and limited skirmishes. The various Free State that comprise the Barrier are committed for political, military, and economic reasons to the containment of Thaxnoria, though the relations between the members has of late been sour, and it is unclear if the Kilgarth Barrier is still active. The members of the Kilgarth Barrier are Feloc, Enarsel, Velfauna, Tel'Bacy, and Hathban.  

The Mercantil League

  The Mercantile League is unique in its function that it does not have a conversation military component to its alliance. The Mercantile League exists to challenge The Republic of Valantia's dominion over the Seuibe River. This is achieved through short blockades, convoys refusing to pay Valantia's taxes, and exclusive trade agreements. The Mercantile League is the largest of the Free States' alliance systems, though the ideological and military alliance have tended to take precedence over any bond formed by the Mercantile League. The League itself is made up of Telbacy, Cadurcil, Agathel, Kensura, Loc Now, Enarsel, Dispaxin, Katura, Ganartus, and Warthnow.    

The Seuibe Alliance

  The Seuibe Alliance also known as the Northern Alliance is the only of the Grand Alliances to include a power outside of the Free States; with the member states being Ganartus, Katura, Cadurcil, Kansura, and the Kingdom of Aran'Nack. The Seuibe Alliance is considered the strongest of the Grand Alliances, in terms of military power, and unity. The raison d'etre is to deter the Yhess Kingdoms from raiding, and combat the Yhessie when they extend themselves too far. At the present time the Seuibe Alliance is in at state of war with the Yhess Kingdoms.


The history of the Free States is the history of the rise and fall of countless petty kingdoms and city states throughout centuries. Their history began with the fall of Avadel and the rise of the Black Conflux, with conjunction of loss of power and the high excesses of the Conflux led to a number of cities to declare independence, chief among them Runia. The Free States suffered chaos, blood, fire, and death during the Age of Blood, many of the cities that declared independence would not survive the Age of Blood itself. It was only it the Age of Contempt that the Free States grew to what they have become today, a sometimes united coalition of powerful city states and petty kingdoms, who could achieve a great deal if they could refrain from warring with one another.
Population: 15,500,000
Founding Date
Political, International
To simplify trade the Free States conform to the same currency, though minted with diffrent heads of state, In order from high to low value, respectively, these are Platinum , Gold, Silver , and Copper.

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