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Velfauna is a founding member of the Union of Crowns and holds a significant historical and strategic position within the realm. Known for its breathtaking Verdant Citadel and its agricultural abundance, Velfauna serves as the breadbasket of the Union, sustaining a large population through its agricultural produce.   Velfauna stands as a historic and thriving city within the Union of Crowns, known for its stunning Verdant Citadel and its pivotal role in the formation of the Union. With its agricultural abundance, diverse population, and intricate infrastructure, Velfauna plays a crucial role in sustaining the realm's economy and feeding its inhabitants. As a centre of conflict, culture, and political intrigue, the city continues to play a role in the course of the Union's history.


The city of Velfauna emerged from the ashes of the Age of Blood, established on the ruins of the ancient city of Fel'Reqir by a visionary named Exsal Velric. The name "Velfauna" was derived from the flourishing fauna of the region and a mispronunciation of the old elven name Fel'Reqir.   Velfauna faced internal conflict in 231:Contempt when a civil war erupted between warring brothers vying for the throne. This conflict ultimately resulted in the end of the Velric lineage and the rise of the Folean dynasty in 235:Contempt. Under Folean rule, Velfauna experienced rapid growth and found itself entangled in ongoing conflicts with Tel'Bacy, including the destruction of the city itself. However, Tel'Bacy endured, perpetuating the tensions between the two Free States.   Velfauna played a pivotal role during the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion and the Wars of Undeath. It served as a key battleground where the Heroes of the Free States, allied against Thaxnoria, fought to liberate the region. The city also faced the threat of the Avatar of Orcus, whose forces attempted to breach the Silver Doors beneath Velfauna. Additionally, Garthedd's failed attempt to obliterate the city left a lasting mark. Notably, it was within Velfauna that the Union of Crowns was formed, forging an alliance between Enarsel, Feloc, Pathral, Tel'Bacy, and Velfauna itself; With this action Velfauna abandoned sovereignty for safety and embetterment of its people.  

Demography and Population

Velfauna has a human majority population, dwarves , gnomes, and elves comprise significant minorities, while other races are less populous but still present. .


Velfauna does not have an official state religion, and the monarchy rarely makes explicit statements regarding religion. Various religious groups actively vie for the favour and influence of the populace and the monarchy, seeking to gain zealous followers, political power, and economic advantages. The worship of the Elven Pantheon is relatively high due to the significant population of elves, and the Temple of the Iron Oak, originally an elven holy site, is claimed by the Elven Pantheon. Since the Wars of Undeath, the worship of Talos has gained significant influence, largely driven by Ecthelion and the actions of the Lords of the Storm.

Agriculture & Industry

Velfauna's economy centres around forestry and agriculture, earning it the reputation of being the breadbasket of the Union of Crowns. While the craftsmanship in Velfauna is not particularly renowned as a whole, the city's expertise in working with Ironwood stands out as exceptional, rivalled only by the craftsmanship found within the Elnurian Forest.


The majority of Velfauna's population does not receive formal education from the state. Wealthy families provide education through private tutors for their children. Previously, the only way for lower-class individuals to access education was by offering their children for service in temples or churches. However, since 532:Contempt, education systems have been established by Fornik and Sakrath von Feldorth Agrath to provide education for the lower classes and elder races.


Velfauna boasts an extensive sewer network that spans the entire city, serving as a relic of a forgotten past. These sewers hold a mysterious passage into an expansive undercity, the origins of which remain unclear. Additionally, the city of Velfauna boasts an impressive aqueduct system that not only provides water to the city but also irrigates the fertile farmlands surrounding it. This infrastructure ensures the efficient functioning of the city and supports its agricultural productivity.

Hearts of Iron and Oak

Founding Date
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations

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