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Red Larch

Red Larch is a thriving small town that owes its prosperity to its farming and mining community. Situated along a key trade route within the Union of Crown, the town has gained a reputation for its exceptional security measures. Red Larch can be divided into two main sections: the old town and the new town.   The old town is located in the town centre and is enclosed within a large stone wall that was built when Red Larch was still a smaller village. Surrounding the old town is the new town, which is bordered by both the stone wall and a larger wooden wall that marks the boundaries of the town proper. Beyond the wooden wall lie the mines, farms, and the expansive Larch Woods.   Farming and foraging sustain the town's inhabitants, but it is the rare Adamantine mines that have brought significant prosperity to Red Larch. The presence of the mines has led to the emergence of various industries, contributing to the town's economic growth. Additionally, Red Larch has become a hub for trade due to its well-trained town guard and the presence of an esteemed resident archwizard, ensuring a high level of security.   The roads of Red Larch consist primarily of packed dirt and cobblestone, providing a functional and rustic atmosphere. Wells can be found scattered throughout the town, providing a reliable source of water for its residents.


The population of Red Larch is diverse even for a town within the Union of Crowns, given its acceptance of goblinoids in the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion; it population is predominantly made up of Human, elves, gnomes, dwarves, halflings, goblinoids, whist the other races can also be found there.


The Battle of Red Larch in 532:Contempt transformed the government of Red Larch; as it is now ruled by the Council of Red Larch, which has taken over most of the functions and responsibility of a traditional lord, the Council itself is comprised of six representatives: the Lord, head of the townguard, head of both the temples to Radiant Lady and Grain Mother, a representative for the elder races, and a representative of the miners of Red Larch.   Red Larch is governed in accordance with the Charter of Red Larch which was signed on 4th November 532:Contempt. The Charter outlines that Red Larch will also be governed by a council of six individuals; a representative of the elder races, miners, Temple of the Grain Mother, Temple of the Radiant Lady, townguard, and the Archwizard. Each representative may choose how succession for their seat on the council functions, and no seat can be abolished.


The Black Iron Tower: This impressive structure serves as the residence of the renowned archwizard Burgell Beren, also known as Blank. Standing as the largest building in Red Larch, the Black Iron Tower is a place where arcane knowledge thrives. It is known to house a vast collection of magical artefacts and serves as a beacon of mystical power in the town.   Clockwork Workshop: This workshop is a hub of mechanical ingenuity, where skilled artisans and tinkers craft intricate clockwork devices. The sounds of gears turning and the sight of craftsmen meticulously assembling intricate mechanisms can be witnessed within its walls.   Red Larch Manor: As the seat of government, Red Larch Manor serves as the meeting place for the Council of Red Larch, the ruling body of the town. Formerly the manor house of the Lords of Red Larch, it now hosts the council members who make important decisions regarding the town's governance and policies.   Temple of the Great Mother: Constructed with a combination of stone and a wooden roof, the Temple of the Great Mother exudes a sense of humble serenity. Inside, meagre statues and plain windows provide a simple yet peaceful ambiance. Temple of the Great Mother is dedicated to the deity Chauntea.   Temple of the Flame: This temple dedicated to the Radiant Lady deity holds a prominent place in Red Larch. It is a place of worship and reflection for those who revere the power and passion associated with the flame. The temple's architecture reflects the vibrant and dynamic nature of its beliefs.   Trader's Tavern: Serving as a popular gathering spot for locals and travellers alike, the Trader's Tavern is a bustling establishment where merchants, adventurers, and townsfolk converge. It offers a lively atmosphere, hearty meals, and a wide selection of drinks, making it an ideal place to socialise and share stories.   The Heart Tavern: Known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, The Heart Tavern is a cosy establishment where visitors can find respite and enjoy a drink or a delicious meal. The tavern is adorned with rustic decor, featuring wooden beams and comfortable seating areas. Local musicians often perform lively tunes, adding to the jovial ambiance. The Heart Tavern is a place where friendships are forged, laughter fills the air, and tales are shared over mugs of ale or cups of warm mead.   Larch Woods: Stretching along the northern and western borders of Red Larch, the Larch Woods is a dense forested area that adds natural beauty to the town's surroundings. Towering larch trees with their distinct needles create a picturesque backdrop. The woods offer a tranquil escape for those seeking solace in nature, with winding trails inviting residents and visitors to explore their serene depths.   The Rocks: This rugged tavern in Red Larch is a favourite haunt among the town's hardworking miners and labourers. Known for its no-nonsense atmosphere, The Rocks exudes a sense of authenticity and camaraderie. Inside, you'll find a bustling crowd of locals enjoying hearty meals, swapping stories of their laborious endeavours, and raising mugs of ale in celebration or commiseration.   Garrak's Forges: Situated on the outskirts of Red Larch, Garrak's Forges has garnered a reputation for its exceptional blacksmithing craftsmanship, particularly in working with the rare and highly coveted metals, Adamantine and black iron. The blacksmiths here take great pride in their work and are sought after by adventurers, mercenaries, and even noble houses, all eager to acquire their masterfully crafted weapons and armour.
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