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Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion

The Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion, or the Wars of Liberation as they are known in Thaxnoria, was a short but bloody war fought between November 532:Contempt and February 533:Contempt. The War was fought between Thaxnoria and the Alliance made up of the Free State Alliance known as the Kilgarth Barrier, Elnurian Alliance, and Legvaran with Selu'Qidar entering the war on the side of the Alliance after its beginning.   The causes of the War are hotly debated, but three theories have proven popular. Firstly, that Thaxnoria, driven by the lust for territorial aggrandisement, sought to accomplish what they failed during the First War of Thaxnorian Expansion, the conquest of what they term the Lower Freelands. Secondly, Thaxnoria was driven into a conflict as a result of an economic downturn, seeing new lands and plunder as the solution. Thirdly, Thaxnoria was compelled into action by the peoples of the Free States yearning for political change, something supported by the number of towns and cities that through their gates opened to Thaxnoria. Which is true, none of us may know, all we can do is lay down what we do know.   The first battle of the War was fought on the site of a battle of the First War of Thaxnorian Expansion, Havda Field. The battle was bloody, with approximately 100,000 wounded or killed on both sides. Despite Thaxnoria’s overwhelming numerical superiority they were unable to achieve a victory as the Curse of Havda was awoken once more which devastated the battlefield and armies - a crime now attributed to Burgell Beren also known as Blank.   While the Second Battle of Havda was inconclusive Thaxnoria was better positioned, they were able to absorb the lost of life, while the Alliance’s forces were devastated.   Unopposed in the field Thaxnoria divided its army, and captured the capitals of Velfauna, Feloc, and Enarsel without a fight. Thaxnoria Army Group West marched on Hathban and encountered the remnants of the Hathban Army, mages of Aarelan, and the forces of Selu’Qidar, who entered the war after they captured a Thaxnorian messenger with plans to attack Selu’Qidar, there Army Group West’s advance was halted. The War then entered a lull as Thaxnoria consolidated its force within the captured Free States and its military base the Griffin’s Talon, while the allied forces prepared and planned their efforts to recapture their lands.   Whilst armies were inactive the War moved ever on. The Red Wizard, the elite mage guild that had existed since before House Gathral’s unification of Thaxnoria, was proven to be rotten at top with the Grand Imperator of the Red Wizards Tervenus Hafansmith exposed as a tarrtor. Justice was brought to him by the Heroes of the Free States who killed him in an unknown location. Heroes of the Free States undermined the Thaxnorian war effort by restoring Velfauna and Enarsel to their rightful Free State rulers.   The Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion came to an unexpected and dramatic end, when the Avatar of Orcus attacked and obliterated Kelmar, the capital of the Craglands. In this cataclysmic crisis a peace was quickly negotiated.
Conflict Type
Start Date
November 532:Contempt
Ending Date
(effectively) February 533:Contempt, Offical End Date 6 June 533:Contempt
Conflict Result
The Griffin’s Talon established, the Red Wizards brought to an end, The War of Undeath begins.

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