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Red Wizards

The Red Wizards had a long history, one that predated the Kingdom of Thaxnoria. The Red Wizards served House Gathral within their citadel in the Seldori Range loyally and effectively. This loyalty remained strong when House Gathral crossed the Seuibe River, and were instrumental in the military campaign to unify Thaxnoria. After the Unification, the Red Wizards remained vital to the Crown, serving in wars and protecting the Monarchs.   There was always tension as the Red Wizards openly flaunted laws against magic and mages. This inspired the hatred and distrust of both the general populace and Octurn. The Red Wizards were broadly immune from this pressure given their immense wealth and influence, instead their downfall came from an unexpected source.   During the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion the Grand Imperator of the Red Wizards Tervenus Hafansmith was discovered to be a traitor. He was killed by Heroes of the Free States, with the assistance from a Red Wizard. The corruption of the Red Wizard as a whole could not be ruled out, thus The High King of Thaxnoria Richard III and the House of Peers ordered the dissolution of the Red Wizards.   The dissolution of the Red Wizards is controversial, all of their assets were seized but later redistributed to its successor organisations. No members of the Red Wizards were found guilty of assisting Hafansmith, with the exception of Exarch Pierre who was conveniently deceased, killed by the Heroes of the Free States.

~1000: Conquest - 533:Contempt

Guild, Mages

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