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Orcus, also known as the Prince of Undeath and Lord of Death, is one of the Demon Lords who is most commonly known throughout Runetalras as its avatar wreaked havoc during the Age of Blood.

Physical Description

  Much of what we 'know' of Orcus is derived from the Avatar of Orcus which terrorised Runetalras during the Age of Blood. If Orcus shares the appearance of its Avatar, Orcus has the head and legs of a goat, although with ram-like horns, a bloated body, bat-like wings, and a long tail. Two of Orcus’ most identifiable symbols are the Wand of Orcus, a skull-topped wand with the power to kill most mortals, and turn them into undead thrall, and the Orcusword, a greatsword that flickers with black and red flame beneath its steel and a bone pummel; the former of which was wielded by the Avatar of Orcus and destroyed Stormcaller⁣⁣ during the Age of Blood


  Thanatos Thanatos is one of the infinite layers of the Abyss⁣⁣ and is said to be the home of the Demon Lord Orcus. Thanatos is also said to be a frozen layer of the Abyss inhabited with legions of undead and the enormous Palace of Bones.

Cults of Orcus

  There are a great number of cults to the Demon Lord Orcus, though the cults tend to remain small and isolated from one another. The cults themselves are comprised my a myriad of cruel, foul, and insane creatures with sick and morbid fascinations with both death and undeath. A number of foul humanoids also join cults to the Prince of Undeath in an attempt to secure a path to unlife, with lichdom being a ‘gift’ which had been known to have been given.

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