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Stormcaller is a large magical warhammer first created within the Age of Conquest by a group of clerics, wizards, blacksmiths, and Talok the first weavesmith. Together they were able to create the magical weapon Stormcaller from a combination of darksteel, weaveite, and mithral.  


  Stormcaller the famed warhammer wielded by many great clerics and paladins throughout the centuries that it existed for. From its creation Stormcaller was used by the Grand Exarch of the Lords of the Storm throughout its history until Stormcaller’s destruction in 48:Blood. The bards say that after the Holyfist punched through line after line of undead he met the Avatar of Orcus and challenged him to single combat while the undead and the holy battled all round them. There the Holyfist almost ended the Age of Blood but as he moved in to finish the Avatar of Orcus, it blocked with its fel Greatsword, the Orcusword and with one mighty blow shattered both the Stormcaller and Kaderial Holyfist where they stood. The shattering of Stormcaller was bought with a mighty roar of thunder, and a lightning bolt hit the Avatar of Orcus stunning it and destroying all the undead within five-hundred feet of the blast, leaving the Avatar of Orcus to retreat for a time. Stormcaller itself was sundered into six separate pieces which became lost within the chaos of the Age of Blood.   The Lords of the Storm, once they were reformed in 640:Blood, made it their holy task to recover all the pieces of Stormcaller to reforge it, and were even known at one point to hold five pieces. In 960:Blood however, the Lords of the Storm commissioned the creation of Skybright, which has become legendary in its own right, and renownced the search for Stormcaller, apparently losing a pieces of Stormcaller. Since 200:Contempt however, the Lords of the Storm have renewed their purpose to recapture and reforge Stormcaller, meeting a great deal of success recently.  

Known Locations

  Three Pieces of Stormcaller currently sit within the Blood Vaults of Talos’ Anvil, one piece was captured by Kerdesh Brimhouse, and is presumed to still be in his possession. One piece is currently in the possession of Ecthelion. The final piece’s location is not currently known, though recent research indicates that it could be located around the Free State of Tel'Bacy.
The Unbroken Stormcaller
Item type
Weapon, Melee

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