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Lords of the Storm

The Lords of the Storm are the primary military arm of the Cult of Talos. The order believes that its most holy tasks are preserving the worship of Talos, combating the evil threats of demons, devils, weave abjurations, and undead, and maintaining the artefacts of the Cult of Talos. The Lords go about their holy duty in an overt manner, where the forces of extra-planar forces dwell the Lords ride out with thunder at their back to meet their foe, raining down steel and lightning upon them.   The Lords of the Storm have their headquarters in Talos’ Anvil, within the Free State of Velfauna. The order is the the second largest military organisation in Velfauna behind its guards and range far and wide disregarding the borders of nation states. The Lords meet out their justice with a heavy unwavering fist, in a justice that has been confused with cruelty.    

People of the Order

  The Lords of the Storm is an organisation comprised of a vast array of individuals, virtually all races are represented, though there is a stigma to being a tiefling within the organisation. Skilled warriors of virtually all kinds are found within the order, clerics, paladins, priests, and other practitioners of divine magic are the most common of those capable of casting magic, while among arcane spellcasters storm sorcerers, evocation wizards, war wizards, are particularly common. There are however, members of the Lords that are not suited to combat, those who selflessly maintain the holds of the order, and those you practice the worship of their deity Talos.


The Lords of the Storm are governed by both a Grand Exarch and the Council of Storms. The Grand Exarch is elected by the Council of Storms, and usually from within the Council’s ranks, while the Council of Storms is comprised of the Grand Exarch, High Priest of Talos’ Anvil, all Exarchs of the Lords of the Storm, of Which there are currently two, and all leaders of significant temples to Talos are able to take a seat on the Council of Storms but only if the leader of the temple is their personally to take up the seat.

Public Agenda

The Lords a devout in their pursuit of justice through murder in the name of their deity, killing undead, fiends, cultists, and sometimes suspected cultists. The Lords are pragmatic and prefer political neutrality. The Lords have repeatedly demonstrated they are pragmatic, working with benevolent rulers and despots alike in the pursuit of their greater good. The Lords view their ultimate enemy as the demon lord Orcus, for Orcus represents chaos while Talos represents order, Orcus represents uncontrolled destruction while Talos represents justice, and the Age of Blood merely reinforced this. The Lords also believe the demons, devils, weave abjurations, and undead of all kinds to be abominations only worthy of destruction.


At least three organisations bearing the name Lords of the Storm, while the latter two both claimed to be the successor to the previous. The first Lords of the Storm were devout and zealous human warriors who in the Age of Conquest cut through the Elder Races, spread the Cult of Talos, helped in the human colonization of Runedastil. This Lords of the Storm was the first to hold Talos’ Anvil Capturing it from the Kingdom of Fel’Reqir and warring with them until the Age of Blood. The first Lords of the Storm was destroyed by the wave of blood golems that crash through Fel’Reqir and Talos’ Anvil.   The second Lords of the Storm was born within the Age of Blood when Kaderial Holyfist reclaimed the ceremonial weapon of the Lords of the Storm, Stormcaller. With Stormcaller in hand Holyfist raised the Lords of the Storm a new, which included the Elder Races and humans, to do battle with the evil Bloodswept Council, however the purpose of this Lords of the Storm quickly changed. With the mass emergence of demons, devils, weave abjurations, and undead, Holyfist once again repurposed the Lords to combat these evils; this led Holyfist to lead the forces of the Lords of the Storm among others into battle with the Avatar of Orcus. Holyfist was killed, Stormcaller sundered, the host defeat, and the Lords were once more destroyed. The remnants of the second Lords joined with the formation of the Order of the Dawn to continue their war against evils.   The third Lord of the Storms more commonly referred to as simple the Lords of the Storm, were created when the Order of the Dawn fractured so spectacularly. In 640:Blood the Lords of the Storm formed,but the Cult of Talos was no longer strong, its dogma was fractured, its followers divided, and the Lords had lost much respect. It was not until 12:Contempt that the Lords and the Cult of Talos had grown to be significant enough to retake their primary holy site and home of their chief religious order. Once the Lords retook their fortress their power began to swell once more, though the Cult of Talos cannot be said to have greatly prospered throughout the Age of Contempt. Since the restoration of Talos’ Anvil the Lords of the Storm have strived to destroy demons, devils, weave abjurations, undead, and cult to them as well, while maintaining political neutrality. Despite calls to enter into to political affires the Lords have ardently remained neutral, notably in the War of Brothers and the Free League Wars, and more controversially the War of Thaxnorian Expansion, were the Lords cooperated with Thaxnorian occupation forces to uncover and destroy a demonic cult.

As Deadly as Lightning the Lords of the Storm Ride

Founding Date
The First Lords of the Storm 17:Conquest

The Second Lords of the Storm 7:Blood

The Third Lords of the Storm 640:Blood
Military Order
Alternative Names
The Storm Lord's Chosen
Training Level
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Ranks in the Order   Initiate


Storm Binger

Gale Front

Thunder Born


Council Member


Grand Exarch

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