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Estonia is a strong and fierce warrior with brown eyes verging black, raven black hair, beige skin marked with scars of battle, and a harsh but not unattractive face. Estonia is most commonly found wareing her armour, or the traditional tunics of the Lords of the Storm, with casual clothing being a rarity for her. She wears sparse jewelry, a few rings on her hair and a symbol of Talos beneath her armour.   Estonia can be a blunt, crass, strong willed, but a tactical person. She is constantly on the lookout for dangerous and corruption within the world, and more likely create a plan of attack than run headlong into battle. Estonia has spent much of her life within the service of the Lords of the Storm and has worked diligently to reach her current position and takes pride in it and the Order.  

Known History

  Estonia came into the service of the Lords of the Storm in 512:Contempt when she fled her unhappy homelife; she is tight lipped on the issue, but has confided in a few members of the Lords of the Storm, including Ecthelion. Her home life was troubled, an alcoholic mother and a physically abusive father, only a pious grandmother served as a refuge for the young Estonia inspiring her with the faith of Talos. Shortly after her grandmother's death in 512:Contempt she was able to channel the divine magic of Talos to strike out against her father, the fear caused her to flee without thinking, eventually finding herself outside the City of Velfauna and into sight of Talos’ Anvil. Seeking refuge in Talos’ Anvil she shortly found herself joining the Lords of the Storm, where she has spent the remainder of her life.   Ecthelion and Estonia friendship only truly began to take hold during 519:Contempt when they were part of an expedition sent to Woodfront to investigate death cultists. While the two innately clashed heads the horrors of the cultists actions, the death of the other Lords of the Storm sent with them, and hard fighting formed deep respect between the two, which over time form a great friendship between the two, with Estonia believing Ecthelion to be her closest and oldest friend.   By the time of 532:Contempt Estonia was recovering from a grievous wound see received when a cultist of Orcus was able to pierce her chestplate with a spear and drive it into her gut, where it festered with foul positions. She was able to receive healing magic but only time would allow her recovery.  


  The party first heard word of Estonia when they reached Talos’ Anvil. They discovered that Estonia, leading a group of Lords of the Storm, had headed to the Isle of Tasidor and the Village of Crowchill, but had been overdue in reporting back. While investigating the party discovered that while staying in the Village of Crowchill they had been ambushed by the population of the Village and sent as prisoners to the yuan-ti and Spectator occupying the Isle of Tasidor, where in all of the Lords of the Storm save Estonia were killed or ritualistically transformed into yuan-ti. The party freed Estonia and the gnome Gauros from their imprisonment and brought them back to Talos’ Anvil, with a piece of Stormcaller.   Since then, Estonia has returned to the service of the Lords of the Storm, and during the Ragdak’s coup Estonia fought within the Battle of the False King. More recently, Estonia has headed to the Free State of Tel’Bacy to liaise with the local cult of Talos and work with Gauros to discover the location of a piece of Stormcaller which is believed to be in or near Tel’Bacy.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Thunder Born
Year of Birth
497 56 Years old
Dark brown
Raven black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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