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Ecthelion Bluegale is famed for being a member of the Heroes of the Free States, a leader of the Lords of the Storm, and a champion of the deity Talos. He took part in many conflicts which included, the Days of the False King, Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion, and Wars of Undeath.

Life before the Heroes of the Free States

Ecthelion was born 192:Contempt as a rare Aasimar, and as he was to later learn his bloodline was directly descended from the the Talar, angels created from the blood of Talos, the Talar were sent to Runetalras to create champions for the deities cause.   Ecthelion lived a relatively normal life, a wife, children, however, at the age of thirty he was cursed with immortality and eternal youth, and watched them wither away.   Ecthelion eventually found faith in Talos and eventually this led him to join the Lords of the Storm. As a member of the Lords he sought to destroy abominations, fiends, demons, and undead. In 282:Contempt Ecthelion and Cornelius, a student of the Velfauna Arcane Bastille, worked together to close a portal to an area of the Abyss, the two became and stayed friends. Much later in 519:Contempt Ecthelion ran missions with, a fellow member of the Lords, Estonia with great success the pair became and remained friends.   It was with Estonia that Ecthelion met someone who would haunt him; in 520:Contempt whilst on a mission Ecthelion encountered Carlin, whom he regretfully was not able to save. Carlin blamed Ecthelion for the death of his family and his suffering, Carlin killed himself but found unlife as a revenant bound to punish Ecthelion.   Ecthelion’s desire to reforge Stormcaller likewise brought him into conflict with other parties, the Gnome and archaeologist Gauros who also pursued the pieces of Stormcaller.

Adventuring Calls

After a lone mission he was on fell apart in 532:Contempt, Ecthelion fell into the adventurer's lifestyle. He resolved some nuances in the village of Red Larch, before he travelled to Dawnmarch. At Dawnmarch he helped save the town from a gnoll siege, and in the process he encountered Kerdesh Brimhouse and Gilfred Glitterstone who were able to steal away a piece of Stormcaller from under Ecthelion’s nose. He then travelled back to Talos’ Anvil and learned that Estonia had gone missing during a mission at Crowchill. Ecthelion travelled to Crowchill and uncovered a deep one plot, saved Estonia from a Yuan-ti infested Ruined Pyramid of Tasidor, and recovered a piece of Stormcaller from a spectator, a lesser form of a Beholder.


It was Ecthelion's time in Velfauna that led to his growth in prominence and importance in the history of Runetalras. He worked under Cornelius to bring an end to an elder race rebellion against the Velfaunan Crown. Then during the Days of the False King the Heroes of the Free States were formed, the formation of which changed the course of his life forever. As a part of the the Heroes, Ecthelion put an end to a coup led by the racial race revolutionary the wizard Ragdak; Ragdak conspired to kill the King of Velfauna Thaydos Folean, and take control of the Free State of Velfauna as regent. The Heroes thwarted Ragdaks attempted murder of King Thaydos, killed Ragdak, and restored Velfauna to its rightful monarch. For his efforts in putting an end to the Days of the False King Ecthelion received an honorary knighthood, dubbed Ecthelion the Stormborn. He also earned the Lords of the Storm the royal patronage of King Thaydos Folean, and was promoted amongst the ranks of the Lords of the Storm by its Storm Council and Grand Exarch Tengar.   Ethelion and the Heroes went on to earn further renown when they saved the villages of Red Larch and Starkhold.


Ecthelion and the Heroes arrived in Tel’Bacy, where they picked up the quest to find the remainder of Stormcaller. They learned that Kerdesh and Gilfred had recently passed through and had been at the local temple to Talos, Thunder’s Roar. Ecthelion found the temple in a state of disrepair and the local priest corrupt, he killed the priest and restored the temple to its former glory, he however lost the secrets that the priest took to his grave which would have led him to the Stormlord’s First Temple, as well as Kerdesh and Gilfred. Ecthelion recruited a former rival for Stormcaller Gauros, who was able to discover the location of the Stormlord’s First Temple where Kerdesh, Gilfred, and the remaining pieces of Stormcaller where.   Ecthelion and the Heroes travelled to the Stormlord’s First Temple, and when they arrived the curse on Ecthelion which kept him immortally locked in the same age for centuries ended. Within the First Temple Ecthelion encountered Kerdesh, Gilfred, and the ghost of a member of the Lords Keltherna, and uncovered secrets and shames of the Lords. From Kerdesh he learned that the Lord had, during the horrors of the Age of Blood, made a pact with the Archdevil Dispater which allowed them to reform and help bring an end to the Age of Blood; this pact claimed the souls of all members of the Lord until the pact is broken, dooming all Lords to the Nine Hells. Keltherna explained that the Lords had reforged Stormcaller in 124:Contempt, however, they later learned that when Stormcaller was reborn so was the Orcusword. The Lords eventually recognised the link and sunder Stormcaller once more in 192:Contempt in the hopes that the Avatar of Orcus remained inert.   Within the halls of the First Temple Talos communed with Ecthelion and Kerdesh, after Ecthelion beat Kerdesh in dual within a maelstrom in Talos’ plane, Talos told the pair that the Avatar of Orcus had reformed, and tasked them with redeeming the Lord and defeating the Avatar of Orcus. Talos ended the communion when he created an image of the Avatar of Orcus, which defeated the Heroes and Kerdesh and Gilfred. Knowing the threats they faced and their common cause, Ecthelion and Kerdesh reconciled with one another. Ecthelion obtained the final pieces of Stormcaller from the Temple and Kerdesh, where he then travelled to Aarelan reforging Stormcaller in the name of Talos.

The Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion

As a part of the Heroes of Ecthelion was instrumental in the survival of the Free States during the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion. They negotiated alliances between the lower Free States, Elnurian Alliance, Aarelan, and Kingdom of Legvaren; the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar did enter the War on the side of the Free States. Ecthelion convinced the Lords to break with their political neutrality and join the war against Thaxnoria.   Despite the efforts of the Heroes the War did not favour the allied forces. The first open battle of the war took place at Havdar’s Field. At the Second Battle of Havdar Field, Ecthelion was given the honour of leading the Lords. At the Battle a meteor swarm was dropped on Lords, they were assaulted by Thaxnorian knights, and finally the Curse of Havdar was reawakened; Grand Exach Tengar, and a near half of the Lords from Talos’ Anvil were killed. Whilst Ecthelion and the Heroes travelled back to Velfauna, Estonia and Kerdesh led a fighting retreat of the Lord as they limped back to Talos’ Anvil. In the aftermath the allied armies were broken and Thaxnoria was able to replenish their numbers. In the aftermath of Havdar’s Field Thaxnoria captured the capital cities of Velfauna, Enarsel, and Feloc.   When the Heroes arrived back at Talos Anvil they found it under assault from vampires which they dispatched and freed the Lords present. The Heroes uncovered the source of the vampires and turned their leader Hugarth against Orcus. The Exarch and representatives of the other Lords outpost arrived at Talos’ Anvil to discuss remaining within the War and to elect a new Grand Exach. Ecthelion was to win the support of the members of the Lords and be elected Grand Exach of the Lords of the Storm. The Heroes were able to break the occupation of the capitals, just as Runetalras learned of the great imminent threats that were about to be unleashed during the Wars of Undead which effectively brought an abrupt end to the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion.

The Wars of Undeath - The Avatar of Orcus

The first confrontation took place beneath Velfauna in front of the discovered Silver Gates. The Avatar of Orcus then struck at both Aranthaig and Kelmar at the same time. Allied forces halted a horde of undead and demons at Aranthaig, in no small part due to the intervention of the Heroes. Kemlar suffered a worse fate, the Avatar of Orcus led the attack itself obliterating the defenders and taking the city for its own. In the aftermath Aran’Nack joined with the allied forces to fight in the Wars of Undeath, whilst the Craglands in the Kingdom of Thaxnoria was imperilled and threatened by the forces of the Avatar of Ocrus.   The Heroes joined the battle within the Craglands saving all those they could as the forces of the Avatar of Orcus rampaged. The allied forces eventually drew up battlelines and engaged an endless horde of undeath, whilst the Heroes, with other key allies and friends, assaulted Kelmar and Ecthelion destroyed Orcus and fulfilled part of his holy quest. In the aftermath some of the undead seemed to regain their minds and were sent into the Underdark.   Ideas of peace were abruptly ended when the capital of Crystal Catalyst, Garthedd, was transported back to the Prime Material Plane.

The Wars of Undeath - The Crystal Catalyst

The reemergence of the Crystal Catalyst was not a surprise, although the destruction it enacted was. The Heroes entered into a conflict with the Red Wizards and their leader Grand Imperator Tervenus Hafansmith, over a Crystalline Catalyst. In the process the Heroes exposed Hafansmith’s betrayal of Thaxnoria and his pact with Terraxia, a ruler of Crystal Catalyst.   The Heroes were able to kill Hafansmith and bring down the Red Wizards, however, the Crystalline Catalyst ended up in the possession of Terraxia. With all the Crystalline Catalyst in her possession Terraxia led a coup to become first of the Triarchy, sole leader of Crystal Catalyst, and transported the city of Garthedd to the Prime Material Plane. Terraxia declared the Crystal Catalyst had returned and would once more dominate Runetalras.   As Garthedd and Crystal Catalyst reemerged it unleashed a horrific weapon that obliterated the city of Hathban and extinguished hundreds of thousands of lives in one instance.The Heroes uncovered and kept secret a method of bringing down the floating city of Garthedd to neutralise its weapon. The Heroes began their assault on Gathedd one day before the armies met, they wreaked havoc, and eventually brought the city to the surface of Runetalras by the time armies reached Garthedd. The Second Siege of Gathedd was short but exceptionally bloody, when the dust settled the Heroes had destroyed Terraxia and ensured the defeat of the Crystal Catalyst. Within the Second Siege of Gathedd the Lords led by Estonia attempted an early assault on Gathedd to buy the Heroes time and allow Sakrath, Hogarth, and Caraki to break through to assist the Heroes; the Lords suffered great in terms of casualties and deaths.

End of the Heroes of the Free States

With the threats of the Avatar of Orcus and the Crystal Catalyst at an end the Heroes went their separate ways. Ecthelion turned his attention to his duties as Grand Exarch of the Lord of the Storm. He appointed Stephen Ackton and Estonia as Exarchs and promoted Kerdesh. Ecthelion was able to bring an end to the Pact which caused all Lords’ souls to go to the Nine Hells, earning the ire of Dispater, but it also allowed the Lords to expand the number of their ranks. With the Lords’ number swelling they re-garrisoned Bolt’s Landing and Hammer’s Fall. Additionally, the Lords expanded their reach and created outposts in Thunder’s Roar and the Stormlord’s First Temple.   The Lords remained active, they established a cordon around Havdar’s Field to try to put an end to the undead threat. Their efforts have uncovered many strange aspects to the area, including that the area seems to occupy another plan of existence, the area repeats the two battles that took place there every day starting again at 6pm, and that undead Havdar is present.
Year of Birth
192 361 Years old
Kingdom of Thaxnoria
Aligned Organization

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