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Talos (TAHL-os)

Talos is a deity worshipped as a god of strength, power, and storms.

Where the Cult Thrives

Worship of Talos can only be reliably within the Free States, with the holiest site being Talos’ Anvil near the Free State of Velfauna.

Tenets of the Faith

Talos is worshipped as a deity of strength, power, and the storm. The Storm Lord’s worshipers believe him to be the embodiment of the bitter storms that wreak Runetalras and clear it of corruption and decay. He is said to favour the strong, those capable of defending themselves and others from the enemies of Storm Lord. The Cult of the Storm Lord declare their enemies to be all demons, devils, and undead, and all should be cleansed from Runetalras by thunder and lightning. The Cult of the Storm Lord oft organise themselves into militarised Religious Orders to fulfil this purpose; they are pragmatic in their tasks, they attempt to avoid innocent casualties but recognise that some may well die in the process of ridding the world from evil. The Cult of Talos has few teachings itself, it does not claim that Talos is the only god, nor that he created the material plane, nor does it state that one should abstain from alcohol or carnal pleasures. What the Cult’s teachings do state is that undead and fiends are to be utterly destroyed, along with all their cultists and those who aided the cultists, or decay of all of Runetalras is inevitable.


Temples to Talos are functional and practical, with a focus on defense and organization. They lack ostentatious decorations and are places where the faithful can pray in peace and plan their efforts to destroy evil.


The priests and followers of Talos are serious and spartan people who forgo easy or pleasurable lives and instead dedicate themselves to the Storm Lord's cause. They are viewed with suspicion by some members of society and are often maligned for their perceived willingness to allow harm to come to others if it means destroying a great evil.

Depictions of the Deity

Talos is typically depicted as a dusky skinned Human male with broad shoulders, grey-black hair, and a matching beard. He is often shown wearing half-plate armor over black leathers and a matching black eye patch over a ruined eye.


The Lords of the Storm are the primary military arm of the Cult of Talos . The order believes that its most holy tasks are preserving the worship of Talos , combating the evil threats of demons, devils, weave abjurations, and undead, and maintaining the artefacts of the Cult of Talos . The Lords go about their holy duty in an overt manner, where evil extra-planar forces dwell, the Lords ride out with thunder at their back to meet their foe, raining down steel and lightning upon them.
lords of the storm helm.png
Titles: The Storm Lord, the Righteous Storm, the Destroyer of Death   Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil   Symbol: Three lightning bolts radiating from a point    Domains: Tempest, War
Religious, Organised Religion

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