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Religious Orders

Ordained Order - are a military and religious order who worship the deity Amaunator, Light of Law. They are firmly tied to the political order of the Yhess Kingdoms.   Biting Chill - are a religious order who pay worship to the deity Auril, the Frostmaiden. They work to prepare the lands for the savage winters, while protecting those who have allegiance to the Forstmaiden.   Servants of the Blue Flame - are dedicated to the practice of the arcane and discovery of information. They seek to improve the image of mages in Thaxnoria and the wider world, through the sensible practice of magic and pursuit of those who practise Forbidden Magic. They maintain secret libraries where they are clandestinely active. There have been persistent rumours the group have a link to the ruling family of Thaxnoria House Gathral. The Servants of the Blue Flame are also strongly tied to the deity Azuth.   Platinum Knights - are a military and religious order dedicated to the deity Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. The Platinum Order only accepts the finest warriors who are able to provide their own weapons and armour suitable for the order. Platinum Knight sully forth to dispatch evildoers and monstrosities, and willingly accept donations to maintain their duties.   Silver Shields - are unlike the Platinum Knights in many ways, their entire existence is a response to the Platinum Knights. The Silver Shields believe the Platinum Knights are the height of hubris and a perversion of the faith of Bahamut. The Silver Shields do not have any great castle to their name, they simply travel the roads seeking to right wrongs and restore justice to the world.   Black Hands - are a religious and criminal organisation tied to the deity Bane, the Lord of Darkness. They seek to carry forth the laws of their deity, that the strong should be at the top of society and it is they that should rule. To accomplish this they murder and assassinate those they see as weak.   Doomsayers - are an occult organisation dedicated to the Lady of Doom, the deity Beshaba. They seek to bring about misfortune upon those that have wronged them, and alter fate in their favour.   Lords of Murder - are a criminal organisation made up of crazed cultist, violent murders, and those who enjoy making other suffer. They do so for their pleasure and to pay worship to the Lord of Murder, the deity Bhaal.   Children of the Great Mother - are a religious order of those who pay worship to the deity Chauntea. They serve to help those in need, care for the weak and sickly, and attempt to make Runetalras a better place.   Dark Stars - are a criminal and religious order who are made up of murders and freedom fighters, those who rob to give to the poor and those who rob the poor to take it for themselves. The Dark Stars serve to offer safe havens to those who indulge in the illicit arts and those who pay worship to the deity Cyric, the Prince of Lies.   Deneir’s Light - is an organisation strongly linked to worship of the deity Deneir, they are an order that are dedicated to the protection and creation of information regardless of its nature. They are prominent within the Yhess Kingdoms, where the more popular Moonlit Keep have failed to gain much of a presence.   Guardians of Groves - are a decentralised organisation which rejects hierarchical structures. They are instead united by the common desire to care for the natural world, combat threats to it, and their worship to the deity Eldath.   Wondercrafters - are on order who seek to share knowledge on crafting with one another to create the greatest wonders of Runetalras, and to of course sell these wonders out of their workshops which they host their members within. The Wondercrafter are also firmly tied to the deity Gond.   Vigilant's Watch - are a military and religious order who venerate the deity Helm. They maintain vigil on the city wall, castle battlements, and the dirt streets of villages. They are fine warriors who seek to protect people and civilization from monsters and destruction, leading with townguards and militias in their defences.   Justice’s Wrath - are a military religious order more akin to factions of vigilantes who worship the deity Hore. they, often extralegally, exact their version of justice or revenge upon those they believe deserve it.   Ordained Light - are a military religious order dedicated to the deity Horra. They work to maintain the order of the Atarsid Isles, and are closely associated with its political leaders.   Enduring Penitents - are a monastic religious order dedicated to healing the weak and the deity Illmater. Members of the Penitents travel Runetalras seeking help those they come across.   All Seers - are an order dedicated to the research of the arcane and mundane, and also to the worship of the Knowing Mistress, the deity Ioun. the All Seers work to gather and research more, they guard this information only revealing it when they believe it benefits society. They send out agents throughout Runetalras to uncover more knowledge of the mundane and arcane. Within the Atarsid Isles they operate out of the Gem Towers of Sultans.   The Bleak Obligation - are an order dedicated to the deity Jergal and the dogma of their cult. The Obligation works to perform funeral rites for the dead and protect their interment, primarily within the Atarsid City-States. They make known to make use of necromancy, with a key qualifier, that only those who break the fundamental laws of society like murder. The Obligation also works to destroy and undermine the influence of those opposed to their beliefs, names those who rampantly spread undeath like Myrkul, Kiaransalee, Yeenoghu, and Orcus. Within the Atarsid City-States they are viewed with a degree of reverence, although being kept at a distance due to their duties, outside the Atarsid City-States the Obligation are reviled as necromancers.   Balancers of the Scales - are a religious order to the deity Kelemvor that serve both as guardians of the dead and fighters against necromancy and undeath. Factions of the Balancers might concentrate on stopping the spread of disease, another on the prevention of murder, and yet another on eliminating the scourge of the undead. But despise the undead and work to some degree to eliminate them, for undead of any sort are seen as an abomination of the natural order.   Tide Masters - are a religious order dedicated to the deity Khui, they combat threat that are found upon the rivers and seas of the Atarsid Isles.   Rising Dawn - are a militant religious order dedicated to the deity Lathander. They believe that undead are an anathema to life and their destruction is a holy act, and believe that inaction against the forces of death allows this evil to prosper. They are active in their efforts, send agents to uncover and destroy evil.   Shadowmist - are a criminal and religious order, who pay worship to the Lady of Deception, the deity Leira. The Shadowmist function as spies and informations who seek to gather information, both to sell and please their Lady of Deception. They have also been known to assassinate their targets if necessary. The Shadowmist are made up of both good hearted individuals who act though less than legal means, and also cruel bastards wholly of self interest.   Joydancers - are a faction dedicated to revelry, bringing about happiness, planning festivals, and to the deity Lliira.   Scarlet Talons - are a despicable order dedicated to bringing about suffering in others and to the deity Loviatar. They capture freepeoples and slaves to torture those unfortunates they pray upon. They are particularly common amongst the corrupt nobles and elites.   Bloody Hunt - can only be said to be a loose faction of crazed and violent madmen who worship the deity Malar. They oft seek to gain the curse of lycanthropy to honour their deity and assist in their bloodlust.   Shadow Masks - are a criminal and religious order, who pay worship to the Lord of Shadows the deity Mask. The Shadow Masks are a mixed bunch, they are made up of those who only steal from the rich and those who wound not suffer as a result, and also those that would beat an old woman in the streets for their coin purse. They are united by their ambitions, skills, and worship to the Lord of Shadows.   Horns of Forest - are a faction who believe that the forests of Runetalras must be protected against encroachment, and oft worship the deity Mielikki. Whilst they prefer to resolve their conflict through peaceful means, they have turned to violence. The Horns have been known to send agents to search out threats to nature throughout Runetalras.   Harpers - are a loose organisation of bard, troubadours, singers, adventurers with wanderlust, and those who worship the deity Milil. The Harpers chronicle the great tales of Runetalras, which often leads them to take up adventuring, or at least tag along with adventurers to write epics.   Weave Writers - are a faction of arcane practitioners and worshipers of the deity Mystra. They are an organisation who seek to promote the use of magic, and also facilitate its practitioners with resources and protection. Members are known to travel Runetalras to obtain rare ingredients and also to seek to protect magic users.   Craftmasters - are an organisation made up of skilled crafters and the faithful of Phar. They work to create spaces where crafters can work and share ideas. The Craftmasters also facilitate the sale and seek to help their members find patrons. Agents of the Craftmasters also seek to discover new materials and techniques from across Runetalras.   Raven’s Sight - are a faction dedicated to the deity the Raven Queen and pursue its interests. The Raven’s Sight are made up of warriors, spellcasters, and those adept at gathering information; they seek to purge necromancers, undead, and those who seek to abuse the natural cycle of life and death.   Ancient Order - are a loose organisation of those who seek to preserve the natural order and are deeply associated with the deity Savrus. They work to disrupt the actions of those who would ruin this natural order through their destruction to the natural environment and life.   Blessed Night - are a faction of individuals dedicated to the deity Selûne, the protection of life, and the creation of art typically focused upon the moons of Runetalras. The Blessed Night offers sanctuary for those who need help, finance arts of various mediums, and though distasteful, have agents who combat threats to life and existence.   Dark Guard - are an organisation of nefarious individuals who oft worship the deity Shar. The Dark Guard work to gain influence and power, through often illicit means, briary, blackmail, deceit, and more violent methods.   Druids of the Wild Oak - are not as their name suggest solely a group of druids, instead they are an organisation made of individuals who venerate the natural world and oft the deity Silvanus. The Druids work to ease the tensions between the wilds and civilisation, they also seek out threats to the natural order.   Singers of Passion - are an artistic and religious organisation dedicated to the deity Sune and art associated with the deity. The Singer of Passion help find donors and patrons for their painters, writers, playwrights, musicians, and bards, as well as serving as a forum to participants and receive feedback. The Singers also work to seek out worthy stories to create art about, this leads a number of members to take up adventuring to create truly epic works of art.   The Lords of the Storm - are the primary military arm of the Cult of Talos. The order believes that its most holy tasks are preserving the worship of Talos, combating the evil threats of demons, devils, weave abjurations, and undead, and maintaining the artefacts of the Cult of Talos. The Lords go about their holy duty in an overt manner, where the forces of extra-planar forces dwell the Lords ride out with thunder at their back to meet their foe, raining down steel and lightning upon them.   Masters of Plague - are a faction who pay worship to the deity Talona. They are made up of witches, crazed cultists, and those fascinated by death and disease. They work to develop greater plagues and poisons, with most testing them upon unwilling participants.   Warmasters - are a military and religious group who seek to battle dangerous individuals, factions, and creatures to prove that the Warmasters are superior. Some factions of the Warmasters believe that it is right to engage in just and combat which does not ideally end in death for either participants, while others believe it is only with the threat of death that one can give everything they have to battle. In all their forms the Warmaster pay worship to the deity Tempus.   Order of the Holy Flame - came to prominence as the primary military order of the faith of the Radiant Lady in the aftermath of the Toc’vastil Accords where pervious preeminent order, the Smouldering Swords, were disbanded and co opted into the Arcane Bastille system. This brought the Order of the Holy Flame to fore as the protectors of flame and faith, since the Order has served as temple guards, protectors of the faithful, and bearers of the flame bring the faith to new peoples. The Order has grown desperate, as the Smouldering Swords have reformed and retaken their place as the preeminent order.   Order of the Burning Shield - are among the most beloved orders of the military religious order in service to the Radiant Lady, however, at the same time the least resourced and least powerful. This is perhaps because the Order has made itself a pariah amongst the faiths of the Radiant Lady, as they refuse to participate in wars and campaigns in which the small folk suffer. By much of the organised faith of the Lady they are also seen as heretical, as they take a lenient stance of mages and nonhumans choosing to accept them if they are good of heart and seek to make Runetalras a better place.   Crimson Knights- are a militaristic and religious organisation which believes that war and battle should be conducted with skill in martial abilities and strategy. They act as a kind of mercenary military advisors instructing soldiers, conscripts, and knights to better use their martial skills, and monarchs, leaders, and generals in the strategic arts. The Knights are also known to worship the deity the Red Knight.   Righteous Fury - are a religious-military that operate within the Kingdom of Thaxnoria. They are connected to the worship of Torm and the ideals of noble warriors, just conflict, and protection of the weak.   Smiling Lords - are a faction of powerful and wealthy individuals who also pay worship to the deity Tymora. They are a significant political faction within Valantia’s political scene. They seek to gain more power and wealth, members also work to gain a portion of that power and wealth, and function as enforcers.   Lords of Even Justice - are a military-judicial order dedicated to the deity Tyr and upholding their view of order and justice. They are empowered to enact their version of justice, within the Kingdom of Thaxnoria during times of war, strife, or conflict.   Wave Watchers - are a loose organisation primarily made up of those who worship the deity Umberlee. The Wave Watchers, as their name suggests, are concerned with the oceans and waterways of Runetalras; they operate lighthouses, bless ships, work against the threats of the deep ocean, and can be hired to travel on ships to help protect them.   Golden Order - are a faction of those devoted to the deity Waukeenand the acquisition of wealth. The majority of the Order are merchants and bankers who work to create better systems of trade, integration, and other systems to perpetuate wealth. Other members of the Golden Order are mercenaries and bodyguards, securing trade routes and shops, as well as travelling with caravans, all for a price.

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