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Gond (Gor-n-d)

The deity Gond is a god of craft and invention, and his cult is popular among dwarves, gnomes, and other craftsmen, smiths, woodworkers, engineers, and inventors.

Where the Cult Thrives

The Cult of Gond is popular throughout the Free States, Wild Isles, and among dwarves and gnomes in Human settlements.

Tenets of the Faith

The Cult of Gond is far from an organised faith, it has only the bare minimum clergy necessary to operate independent temples and its hierarchy is vague at best, this is because the faithful teach hierarchy is a chain that binds creativity.   The faithful of Gond, believe that the divine can be found in the act of crafting and creating. They see the act of making things as a form of worship, and believe that Gond, as the god of craft and invention, is present in every creation. They believe that by honing their skills and creating new things, they are fulfilling Gond's will and bringing beauty and utility into the world. They also believe in the sharing of knowledge and ideas, as they see this as a way to improve their own creations and help others to do the same. They also have a well-earned reputation as a haven for crack-pot inventors and visionaries.   The most organised the Cult gets are on market and show day, once per month, the faithful and most able crafters congregate to sell and show off their inventions and finely crafted goods. The Cult have a well-earned reputation as a haven for crack-pot inventors and visionaries.


The few true priests that do exist wear the thick leather aprons of smiths and a linked metal medallion with the cog symbol of Gond. A few priests chose the life of hard service to Gond, travelling from village to village serving as tinkers, blacksmiths, and civil engineers to help where needed. All priests of Gond keep journals in which they record ideas, inventions, and innovations discovered in their travels, and take great delight in meeting fellow priests and sharing their finds.


In large cities, the Gondar construct temples that serve as great workshops and inventors' labs. Temples to Gond are not places where one goes to sing, it is a place of crafting; smitharies, forges, tanners, and carpentry stations are found within them, and the only sing is that of hammers. The temples to Gond are places where the uninitiated are taught to craft, where ideas can be exchanged, and materials are bought and sold at discounted prices for the faithful.

Depictions of the Deity

The deity Gond is typically depicted as a Dwarf, Gnome, or Human wearing smith's clothing and holding a hammer or anvil.
Titles: The Wonderbringer, the Inspiration Divine, the Holy Maker of All Things   Alignment: Neutral   Symbol: Toothed cog with four spokes   Domains: Forge, Knowledge
Religious, Organised Religion

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