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Mask is worshipped as a deity of intrigue, stealth, thievery, deception, and protection from those activities.

Where the Cult Thrives

The Cult of Mask is rarely openly worshipped, but the Cult of the Lord of Shadows is known to be active within the Free States.

Tenets of the Faith

Followers of Mask believe in the deity's connection to thievery and illicit activities, as well as intrigue and stealth. They may worship Mask to help them in these tasks, or to protect them from being preyed upon. The Cult is made up of a diverse group of people, including pickpockets, burglars, muggers, con artists, courtiers, diplomats, and scouts. Those who pay worship to Mask are not all evil or even bad people; the starving who must steal to eat, the wronged who resort to theft to regain what is theirs, or those who steal from the rich to hand it out equally may all worship Mask to help in these tasks. Ordinary folk also pray to Mask when they feel they may be prey upon, when carrying large sums of coin or valuable objects on journeys.   Those who pray to Mask may leave offerings such as a "Mask's purse", a small, cheap cloth pouch worn in plain sight containing a small offering of coin.


Temples openly dedicated to Mask are rare, as the deity's connection to illicit arts makes them difficult to maintain. However, hidden and secret temples are common and virtually every criminal guild within the Free States hosts a temple to Mask.


Priests of Mask are typically those who are involved in thievery and other illicit activities, and may also be involved in intrigue and stealth. They may wear vestments of black, and may keep their identities hidden.

Depictions of the Deity

Mask is rarely depicted as a humanoid figure and as a result is not oft gendered. When Mask is depicted they are depicted as a dark cloth mask.


Shadow Masks are a criminal and religious order, who pay worship to the Lord of Shadows the deity Mask . The Shadow Masks are a mixed bunch, they are made up of those who only steal from the rich and those who wound not suffer as a result, and also those that would beat an old woman in the streets for their coin purse. They are united by their ambitions, skills, and worship to the Lord of Shadows.
Titles: The Lord of Shadows, the Master of Thieves   Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil   Symbol: Black mask   Domains: Trickery
Religious, Organised Religion

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