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Ioun (Eye-Oh-nu)

Ioun is worshipped as a goddess of knowledge and arcane information.

Where the Cult Thrives

The Cult of Ioun is primarily worshipped within the Yhess Kingdoms and Atarsid Isles, but worship to her has also been noted in the Free States and Infernal-Draconic Ascendancy.

Tenets of the Faith

The Cult of Ioun believes that perfection can only be achieved through reason, sight, and emotional balance, and that the accumulation, perseverance, and distribution of knowledge is a sacred duty and must be honoured. They believe that all knowledge should be recorded, but there are pieces of lore or information that should better be locked away for eternity, necromantic magic being a key example.   The followers of Ioun tend to be sages, seers, researchers, philosophers, thinkers, mages, and wizards.The cult is hierarchical, with newer members serving the older in their research.


The temples of Ioun more closely resemble libraries or Arcane Bastilles than conventional temples. They are filled with books, scrolls, and artefacts of ancient lore. The largest temple of Ioun is the Tower of the Owl, it is held within the Yhess Kingdoms, it is filled with mysterious lore and ancient artefacts. The scribes in this tower work to ensure that this knowledge is not lost.


The clergy of Ioun is limited in number as most simply pay the deity reverence as they study or practice spells. The cult's priests that do exist are usually highly educated and dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, they are hierarchical, with newer members serving the older in their research.

Depictions of the Deity

Ioun most oft depicted in two ways; firstly, a middle aged feminine humanoid holding a book, scroll or quill, and secondly, as a aged and regal owl.


The All Seers are a religious and scholarly order dedicated to the worship of the deity Ioun and the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the arcane and mundane. They are an order dedicated to the research of the arcane and mundane, and also to the worship of the Knowing Mistress. The All Seers have a network of agents throughout Runetalras who are tasked with uncovering new information and knowledge, both mundane and arcane. They are experts in a wide range of fields, including history, magic, science, and philosophy, and are constantly working to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. In the Atarsid Isles, the All Seers operate out of the Gem Towers of Sultans.
Titles: The Knowing One, The True Seer   Alignment: All   Symbol: A stylised eye upon a book   Domains: Arcana, Knowledge
Religious, Organised Religion

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