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Toc’vastil Accords

The Toc’vastil Accords are a set of agreements which defines the current Era for the Human majority kingdoms. The Accords established the Arcane Bastille system which imprisons those who are capable of casting magic.   The Toc’vastil Accords heralded the end of the Age of Blood and have defined the era we are currently in the Age of Contempt. The Accords are chiefly concerned with the use and abuse of magic which was so rampant in the Age of Blood. They created the Arcane Bastille system, made it a legal requirement to imprison those capable of casting non-divine magic, and criminalised the reckless use of magic. Additionally, the Accords provide the Brightsword and any agents they commission, with the authority to cross kingdoms’ borders and capture, recapture, or kill any non-divine spellcasters.   The Toc’vastil Accords and the system they created have been decried by those who view it as abusive and brutal towards those who are capable of spellcrafting, others argue they do not go far enough allowing a great threat to gestate in the hearts of the kingdoms.  


The Toc’vastil Accords have been implemented unevenly throughout the kingdoms that adhere to them, sometimes radically so. Some kingdoms such as the Kasari Dominion and Kingdoms of Righteous Flame strictly adhere to them in the brutal way possible. Kingdoms like Kingdom of Thaxnoria and Union of Crowns broadly adhere to the system, but make exceptions for individuals and organisations that are useful to the states or too powerful to subjugate to it. Finally there are those like the Velgan Empire, and technically Aarelan, who adhere to it in name only.  


The Toc’vastil Conference took place after the destruction of Crystal Catalyst and much of the violent chaos of the Age of Blood had been brought to heel. Many believed that a new order had to be established and the Toc’vastil Conference sought to create it. The Conference was envisaged to include all the kingdoms of the known world, and was to propose a unified currency, systems of international and interorganizational arbitration, immutable borders, and system to police magic, which were lofty aims bound for failure. The Toc’vastil Conference failed its aims from its outset, only the Human kingdoms and various organisations participated and all but the issue of magic were nonstarters. The issue of magic was discussed at length, eventually it became clear that they would decide upon a heavily restricted system; the Free Mages and other organisations withdrew from the Conference. The leader of the Free Mages, Weldan Eboncrest denounced the Conference and Accords as ‘the most disgusting and repugnant attempt to destroy the rights of mages in the history of Runetalras, which would do nothing but inspire nothing but violence and contempt.’ which is a quote which has gone down in the history of Runetalras and led to the name of the current age, the Age of Contempt. While the accords were signed it took longer to put them into action; the Smouldering Swords had to reorganise into the Brightswords, and the Arcane Bastilles had to be built. In the meantime populist violence was handed out to mages in the bloody Grand Cleansings.


Many kingdoms and organisations received invitations and participated in the Toc’vastil Conference, but only a fraction were signatories to the final Accords. Many of the signatories to the Accord have since lost their sovereignty or have produced successor states of which the following claim to be signatories through succession or adherence to the Accords:   Kasari Dominion, Northern Defensive Union, Republic of Valantia, Kingdoms of Righteous Flame, Kingdom of Thaxnoria, Union of Crowns, United Five Kingdoms of Bar Sunda, Hunters Wrath, Loc Now, Surentra, and Warthnow, and Velgan Empire   Organisations which are signatories include Order of the Dawn and Smouldering Swords, the latter of which became the Brightswords.
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