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Republic of Valantia

The Republic of Valantia mercantile and maritime powerhouse that has a power a sea that is unrivalled by any of the other kingdoms of Runetalras. Valantia ships dominate the great Seuibe River, with their Purple Sails enforcing their ideas of free trade and laissez faire restrictions on the transporteur of illicit goods, including drugs, weavite, and slaves.


The Republic of Valantia has two territorial possessions, the island of Valantia approximately at the centre of the Seuibe River, where its capital of the same name is located, while the island of Floran is located at the Eastern mouth of the Seuibe River. Despite Valantia’s territories being geographically dispersed they all have the Yhess Kingdoms to their North and the Free States to the South.


The city of Valantia is among the largest in the known world, and the city of Floran is also large; despite this Valantia is a sm all kingdom in terms of population as a result of its small landmass. Humansare the largest racial group within the Republic of Valantia, their are large populations dwarves, elves, halflings, and gnomes, there are also smaller populations of dragonborn, tiefling, half-orcs, goliath, aasimar, and firbolg, as well as a number of monstrous races.


There is no state religion of the Republic of Valantia, and one of its first acts of the Republic was to institute complete religious freedom, leading to a vast variety of faiths being common there. That has not prevented certain deities becoming prominent, with Tymora and Umberlee widely being considered patron deities.

Racial Relations

Valantia has on the surface remarkably positive racial relations, all races are equal before the law and all races can hold office, there has also been a marked lack of pogroms throughout the Republic’s history. That being said Valantia is among the greatest profiteers of the slave trade in the known world, transporting vast quantities of chained slaves, and engage in the buying and sell abroad. This has left a marked dichotomy, where all within the territory of Valantia are free, but all not within the territory are fair game.

Views on Magic

Valantia is one of the few Human kingdoms that does not conform to the Toc’vastil Accords. Instead casting magic in public is criminalised, as is the practice of necromancy and magic that would enchant a person’s mind. This has created a liberal system of restricting magic, which like the Arcane Bastille system is not without its problems of corruption and the practice of forbidden magics.


The Republic of Valantia has both a Parliament and Doge. The Parliament is elected by the population of those who own property or those who are able to pay a poll tax, the Parliament serves as the primary legislative body of Valantia. It is also the Republic’s Parliament that elects the Doge in a form of representative democracy. The Doge is the executive and head of state, they have a constitutionally ill-defined role and their power fluxuates based upon the assertiveness of Parliament.

International Relations

Publically all nations are professed friends of the Republic of Valantia, and are thankful for the law it brings to the Seuibe River and seas. However, there have long been discontent among the nations of Runetalras over the amount of authority and control Valantia exerts over the waves, and most of all the tolls that they extract upon all who seek to travel it. Valantia’s willing to provide support in wars, in return for gold, has also led to a distrust, as has their exploitation of the slave trade.


A significant portion of the population is educated, with the lower-middle and middle classes being able to afford schools for their children, while the higher classes have a myriad of tutors for their children. All people are, however, required to learn how to sail and swim form the age of 13 onwards.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

Within the Republic of Valantia its peoples generally recognise a variety of gender identities, however, male and female are considered more ‘normal’. Recognition of sexual identies as just as varied within the Republic of Valantia, but just as with gender hetrosexuality is considered the default.   Despite the general acceptance of gender and sexual identities there is a tradition of gender roles within the Republic of Valantia; men fill the more physical roles while women are relegated raising offspring and less well paid professions. Other gender identities must find ways of fitting into these roles despite themselves, oft being frowned upon while doing so.   The Republic of Valantia possess an absolutel primogeniture which is a form of primogeniture in which sex is irrelevant for inheritance; this exists for all forms of inheritance from the monarchies to familial wealth.   Individuals like experienced adventurers and mages are often spared the worst of this system as a result of the power oft control.


The city of Valantia is one of the most advanced cities in the known world, vast systems aqueducts, sewage system, and public baths see to the core components of public health. The territories of the Republic of Valantia possess significant paved roads, to facilitate the smooth flow of goods and resources, and vast ports.

Agriculture & Industry

Valantia has a small agricultural industry, as a result of its small territory and urbanised population, it requires imports to maintain the flow of foodstuff. The industry of Valantia is advanced pricing vast quantities of high quality goods, but it's true industry is its banking and speculative systems, and its maritime power supported by the grand Arsenal of the Republic, an expansive series of shipwrights and armouries.

Our Sails Reach All Shores

Population: 1,300,000
Founding Date
4:Contempt Kingdom of Valantia

440:Contempt Republic of Valantia
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
In order from high to low value, respectively, these are Platinum Sails, Golden Dragons, Silver Surf, and Copper Captains
Neighboring Nations

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