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Elector-Kingdom of Cavaria (Cuh-var-ria)

The Cavari are a Kasari people and the Elector-Kingdom with the highest degree of autonomy within the Kasari Dominion, possessing freedom of religion and the right to form its own army. The Cavari people take great pride in their religion, the worship of the Eternal Flame, rather than the Crimson Flame like much of the Kasari Dominion. Much like the people of Cavaria their religion is conservative, and before the Righteous Reformation the Eternal Flame was the religion of the majority of thel Kasari people. Unlike most of the Kasari people, the Cavari people view themselves as Cavari first and Kasari second.


Carvari is among the largest of the Elector-Kingdoms, and is also among the most populous, however, given its large size its population density is not particularly high. Carvari is home to an ancient and dark forest, which is largely unpopulated as a result of its dangerous nature.  

Level of Autonomy

Within the Kasari Dominion power is greatly decentralised, as the Holy Kasari Emperor is not an absolute ruler; they act as the primary arbiter within the judicial system, the ceremonial head of state, and only a member of the Council of Elector-Princes. Given the Holy Kasari Emperor is not considered the ruler of all provinces and Elector-Kingdoms, each has broad power to act autonomously and as a semi-sovereign entity. Given this they have their own set of laws and traditions, however, they must make some tributes to the Holy Kasari Emperor. As a result of Cavari exploiting the relationship between the rivalry between the Elector-Kingdom of Östersar and the Elector-Kingdom of Prussari, Cavari retained the right to raise its own army, and not have to contribute to that of the Kasari Dominion.  

Race Relations

Carvari has perhaps the worst racial relations within the Kasari Dominion; the unique freedoms that were granted to Cavari when it was brought into the Kasari Dominion extend to religions freedom, which has led the people of Carvari to hold on the their worship of the Eternal Flame, which greatly impacts their outlook on other races. The Eternal Flame is a racist faith, and in Carvari the nonhumans are persecuted against.  

Views on Arcane Magic

The Kasari Dominion has amongst the worst outlooks upon magic and mages of Human kingdoms. The Kingdom proclaims that magic is the most dangerous force in all of Runetalras, and has led to the greatest catastrophe in all of history, the Age of Blood . Magic is outlawed within the Kasari Dominion , all who are capable of casting it save for the priests of the Radiant Lady are condemned to among the worst Arcane Bastille in all of Runetalras.  


Cavari is one of the oldest of the Kasari kingdoms, with claims that it dates back to the Age of Conquest. Many great heroes of the Kasari people are claimed to have originated from Cavari, including Tassilo Demonbayn and Hugbert Firebrand.   Cavari was brought into the Kasari Dominion during the Kasari Wars of Unification. Instead of being conquered or forced into capituation, Cavari negotiated with keen political cunning playing the Elector-Kingdom of Prussari and the Elector-Kingdom of Östersar against one another; this allowed them to enter the Kasari Dominion with unique privileges.  


The one of the unique freedoms that was granted to Cavari when it was brought into the Kasari Dominion was religious freedom, which has led the people of Carvari to hold on the their worship of the Eternal Flame. The dogma of the Eternal Flame is based upon a hatred of the arcane and nonhuman, as well as the belief that the Radiant Lady is the only true faith. The faithful believe that all those who are cursed to be born with arcane magic and those reckless enough to learn it should be imprisoned within the Arcane Bastilles, and should they resist then the only option is their destruction. They believe that humanity has been chosen by the Radiant Lady, and must unite all Runetalras in her worship. They also believe that nonhumans are naturally heathens, and for that reason they must never be trusted, this has caused the followers of the Eternal Flame to lead countless pogrom against nonhumans.   Others within Cavari follow the more recent Crimson Flame, while a smaller minority hold true to deeper traditionsof pagan deities of the land and old cruel gods.  


On special occasions the Cavari wear traditional costume known as Tracht, with men wearing Lederhosen and women Dirndl. Food and drink are also traditionally valued, with foods not commonly found within the Kasari Dominion, Weißwurst (white sausages) being one example. Reinheitsgebot or beer purity law dictates that beer can only be composed of water, barley, and hops. The Cavari are a beer loving people and regularly hold folk festivals in beer gardens, with food being allowed in but the only drinks being the beer sold. Cavaria is home to the Ansconia wine region. The region has produced wine since the Age of Conquest and famously continues to use Bocksbeutel. Wine has proved economically and culturally integral to the region, with many of its villages and cities holding wine festivals (Weinfeste) throughout the year.

Steadfast and Loyal

Geopolitical, Province
Parent Organization

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