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Nordenkleiner is not truly a state, it is a region, made up predominantly of the Runemanic, a Human ethnicity and cultural group of people who are oft referred to with the derogatory name palemen. Nordenkleiner is the only place within the Kasari Dominion that the Runemanic are able to rule themselves, and are effectively city states.  


Nordenkleiner is cold even by Kasari standards, and snow falls year round. It is a land of thick and dangerous forests, and plain lands in the north. The Rhiner River flows through its centre and is the primary communication network of the country. Nordenkleiner is plagued by the Kasari Badlands in the east, with the remnants of the Age of Blood spilling out.  

Level of Autonomy

Within the Kasari Dominion power is greatly decentralised, as the Holy Kasari Emperor is not an absolute ruler; they act as the primary arbiter within the judicial system, the ceremonial head of state, and only a member of the Council of Elector-Princes. Given the Holy Kasari Emperor is not considered the ruler of all provinces and Elector-Kingdoms, each has broad power to act autonomously and as a semi-sovereign entity. Given this they have their own set of laws and traditions, however, they must make some tributes to the Holy Kasari Emperor and in times of war must contribute to the Kasari Army.   Nordenkleiner much like Aine Aevon and Zwerthaig retain their semi-autonomous by the ‘grace’ of the Elector-Kingdoms, something they are keen to make clear. Their autonomy depends upon loyalty to the Kasari Dominion, acceptance of the religion of the Crimson Flame, and abandonment of ‘foreign’ cultural practices.  

Race Relations

The people of Nordenkleiner care little for the race of a person, caring more for what they can contribute to society. This is not to say there are no tensions, and the people of Nordenkleiner display an innate distrust of outsiders.  

Views on Arcane Magic

The people of Nordenkleiner had a long history of utilising arcane, and other forms of magic, to benefit their peoples in all aspects of life and war. This all came to an end when they became a part of the Kasari Dominion and were forced to publically take on their outlook upon magic.   The Kasari Dominion has amongst the worst outlooks upon magic and mages of Human kingdoms. The Kingdom proclaims that magic is the most dangerous force in all of Runetalras, and has led to the greatest catastrophe in all of history, the Age of Blood . Magic is outlawed within the Kasari Dominion, all who are capable of casting it save for the priests of the Radiant Lady are condemned to among the worst Arcane Bastille in all of Runetalras.  


The Runemanic people who make the majority of Nordenkleiner were once powerful and prosperous under their Fylkes, kingdoms which encompassed much of the continents of Talduras and Taunas, prior to the Age of Blood. The Fylkes were all but destroyed during the Age of Blood, and although the Runemanic attempted a resurgence in the Age of Contempt they amounted to little. In the aftermath the Runemanic were reduced to city states instead of great Fylkes.   Runemanic were conquered by the Kasari Dominion, who for the purpose of administration incorporated the various different groups of Runemanic into the Kasari Dominion as the Province of Nordenkleiner.  


The Church of the Crimson Flame is the official religion of the Kasari Dominion and is the most popular religion of the kingdom. The Church is fully integrated into the state structure of the Kasari Dominion. The dogma of the Crimson Flame is based upon belief that the Radiant Lady is the only true faith. The Crimson Flame believe that arcane magic and mages are the greatest threat to all good people of the world, as mages have incredible power with little control; this is demonstrated in the numbers of mages practising forbidden magics, summoning of fiends, and creation of Weave Aberrations all of which wreak havoc and destruction upon the faithful.   Despite the illegality, there are other deities and faiths worshipped within the Kasari Dominion, some of these are the Seldarine is the most popular pantheon among forest gnomes and elves, and the Morndinsamman among dwarves and rock gnomes. Likewise the Draconic Pantheon are favoured among the draconic races.

Our Word is Honour

Geopolitical, Province
Parent Organization

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