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Order of the Cyriladel Star

The Order of the Cyriladel Star, also known simply as the Cyriladel Star, is an order of learned individuals who seek to gather and understand knowledge. Cyriladel Star often draws suspicion from the outside world as a result of its secrecy, exploration of ruins, and rumours of its use of the arcane and occult in spite of Kasari Law. The Cyriladel Star is headquartered in the Citadel of the Cyriladel Star in the Kasari Wastlands isolated from much of the world.  


The Order of the Cyriladel Star has a long but broken history believed to date back to the Age of the Elder Races, although like much of the history of elder races most details have been lost to time, flare, and steel.   The Cyriladel Star is believed to have been created in the dying days of the Age of the Elder Races. The epic ballad The Lament of the Elder Ones, even proclaims that the last stone was laid on the Citadel of the Cyriladel Star the day humanity emerged from the Seldori Flatlands; this is no doubt a myth constructed by romantic bards. What is known is that a person known as the Righteous Star, which is no doubt a title, was responsible for the construction of the first Citadel of the Cyriladel Star, and it was a repository of information, and it was destroyed within the Age of Contact, its structure burnt and the Cyriladel Star died for a time.   The Cyriladel Star was reborn in the Age of Conquest, and of order more in known. They were founded by disaffected individuals who sought to put aside racial hatred and conflict; they sought to reconcile the history, culture, religions, and collective knowledge of the races, in hopes of being able to better live in harmony with one another as they believed the conflict had resulted from a lack of commonality and understanding. The Cyriladel Star rebuilt the Citadel of the Cyriladel Star, expanded its collection of lore, and began searching out all manner of knowledge. The Cyriladel Star expanded and grew its collection throughout the Age of Conquest, but it was brought to an end when demons and devils brought war to Runetalras and destroyed the Citadel of the Cyriladel Star and the Order of Cyriladel Star itself during the Age of Blood.   In the aftermath of the Age of Blood the Cyriladel Star was created for the thrice time. The declaration that the order was reformed was far easier than reclaiming the heritage of it. The area the Cyriladel Star had been based out of had been utterly devastated, now being known as the Kasari Wastlands, the Cyriladel Star was forced through a toxic environment and a land still haunted by fiends. When the Cyriladel Star reclaimed their homeland they were determined it would not fall again; this is represented in the Citadel of the Cyriladel Star, constructed upon the same sites though much more expansive than previous structures, the structure is truly worthy of its name being a veritable fortress. The order remained true to its historical purpose, the acquisition of knowledge and the understanding of it, but they have also gained an additional one cleansing the Wastlands, perhaps the only reason the Cyriladel Star is tolerated by the Kasari state.


Collectors of Information The Cyriladel Star is dedicated to the collection and cataloguing of all forms of information, ranging from the biological processes to the cosmology of the planes. Members of the Order are tasked not only with preserving knowledge but also gathering and creating more, this leads them to oft travel wide and far in search of knowledge.   Embetterment The Cyriladel Star believe that Runetalras is a shadow of what it could be, it lacks acceptance, understanding and compassion. The Cyriladel Star work through the soft influence they have as wielders of information, working as advisors for courts and attempting to steer them towards their desired outcome. They have also been known to oppose actions with force, but are cautious of drawing the enmity of the Kasari Dominion Crown.   Secret Purpose: occult practises When reclaiming their homeland within the Kasari Wastelands the Cyriladel Star encountered the lingering corruption fiend; this caused blight in crops, and also people corrupting them from the inside. The Cyriladel Star found a cure and also a source of information in an elder demon imprisoned by a diabolic legion in the foundations of the destroyed Cyriladel Star. Since, they have built their Citadel atop it, drain information and power for it, and use it to reverse the corruption in the Wasteland; to do so the Cyriladel Star practice all manner of occult and arcane rituals, some of which profane, in the name of the greater good. Most members of the Cyriladel Star do not know this secret, and if word were to make it out into the wider world the Cyriladel Star would become imperil. Some factions within the order believe it best to find a way to destroy the greater demon, while others support continuing to extract information and power from it.  


The Cyriladel Star is an order which is at the same time altruistic and secretive. They seek to exploit the information they have to better the Runetalras but also not to share that information with them as they guard the knowledge they have bled for. This causes the order to be view as authoritarian, elitist, and even occult as some information they possess is strange, while the order can become frustrated as people do not act on the information that the order knows will help them.  


The Cyriladel Star most often draws from those who choose to live apart from the rest of Runetalras and seek knowledge or enlightenment; thus often artificers, monks, sorcerers, and wizards. There are also a wide variety of other individuals, including the more occult warlocks who may have been drawn to the Citadel.  

Where the Faction Operates

The Cyriladel Star is most present within the Kasari Dominion, with its agents present throughout the Kingdom. As the order seeks information they have been known to send agents throughout Runetalras, but are more commonly found in the Velgan Empire, Wild Isles, Kingdom of Thaxnoria, and the Free States.
Symbol: A white star upon a black feild   Motto: Salvation through Information
Controlled Territories

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