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Caedreon (Cad-ree-on)

Caedreon is the kingdom of the dryads, it is highly exclusionary even to those it is friendly toward. The Kingdom dates back to the Age of the Elder Races, also being centred within the heart of the Elnurian Forest; although much like the Elnurian Forest, Caedreon has declined as The Ages have passed.


Caedreon is located within the Elnurian Forest, the largest forest in all of Runetalras, at the centre of the Runedastil continent. The Kingdom borders many of the Free States to the North and East, although through logging their territories are in a state of decline. In the west and south it borders the kingdoms of Old Garstil and Elnusari, but the actual borders between these kingdoms are ill defined and in a state of non-violent flux.


Caedreon permanent population is exclusively dryads, although the Kingdom does have a number of short term guests and fewer longer term guests - these tend to be trusted friends of the Kingdom, and are mostly made up of those from the Kingdoms of Old Garstil and Elnusari.


The dryads of Caredreon do not worship any deities as such, instead they venerate nature as a whole. This has led to a number of dryads taking up the worship of nature deities from a variety of pantheons.

Racial Relations

By virtue of having no permanent population of other races it could be argued that Caedreon has the least harmful racial relations in all of Runetalras; this would clearly be deceptive. Caedreon perpetuates deep racisms, particularly against humans, dwarves, and rock gnomes, their racism toward these races is based upon, a not inaccurate, view of their history and the harm those races have done to the dryads and natural environment.

Views on Magic

The dryads of Caedreon believe magic to be one and the same to nature, and that the Weave ebbs and flows just as the sea, and just like the sea sometimes causes death to those who do not understand the dangers they face. It is with a combination of their arcane and natural abilities that the dryads have obtained master of nature creating their cities out of trees, and creating healing ponds which can bring a creature back from the point of death and enhance them in hours.


Caedreon is an absolute monarch led by the Queen of the Forests. The Queen of the Forests dicates all of the policy of Caedreon in its entirety, but does use her Grove Court to receive advice and specialist information.

International Relations

Caedreon has been in a state of constant war with humanity for Ages, as humans have had a destructive effect on the forests that the dryads of Caedreon call home. Caedreon maintains poor relations with Aran’Nack they far away from war, but reconciliation seems far away. Caedreon maintains friendly relations with the kingdoms of Old Garstil and Elnusari, and have even formed the Elnurian Alliance, who all work to preserve the Elnurian Forest and protect one another.


The dryads of Caredreon receive a communal education in what is deemed necessary, the arts, history, combat, cooking, and various kinds of crafting. Once a person reaches maturity they are free to pursue further education when their duties allow.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

Caedreon is a Kingdom whose citizens are the all female race dryads. This feature of Caedreon and the dryads has led to a society which places little to no emphasis on gender, with the dryads generally not identifying as female, male, or any other gender identity. There are dryads who display ‘traditionally male or female’ features and roles, but they are not typically treated or labeled differently.   As a result of their race most of the people of Caedreon cannot reproduce within one another, this does not stop them forming relationships amongst the dryads. Another aspect of their biology is that to produce offspring they must mate with male members of other races - this is generally considered an unpleasant necessity and is rarely done with pleasure in mind.


To the outside observer Caedreon has no tangible systems of Infrastructure, however to the perceptive and familiar with Caedreon the know that is anything but true. Trails exist instead of roads, trees grown hollow to store foodstuffs, and dams constructed by the creatures of the forest, all in harmony with nature.

Agriculture & Industry

The dryads of Caedreon have an unparalleled mastery over nature, they are able to farm crops at accelerated rates, and grow trees into a variety of astounding shapes, from aqueducts, houses, tables, chairs, and even a great palace at the heart of Cadreon.The industry of Caedreon is practically nonexistent, there are dryads who craft weapons, armour, and jewellery but so much that is necessary for the consumption of the peoples of Caedreon. While the trade city of Glean Sord serves to facilitate trade between Caedreon, Old Garstil, Elnusari and the rest of the world.


Caedreon is likely the oldest of the known kingdoms that exists in the known world, as it reaches back to the Serpentine Age. Much of the history of Caedreon is shrouded in mist, a result of the oral traditions of Caedreon and the violent nature of the history of Runetalras which killed many that would pass down the history and destroyed many records which were created.

Age of the Elder Races

Within the Age of the Elder Races Caedreon is believed to have consolidated itself, occupied much of the then far more expansive Elnurian Forest, and to have warred for centuries with some force for the heart of the Elnurian Forest. Unfortunately because of war and oral traditions much and more has been lost or likely exaggerated.

Age of Contact

During the Age of Contact Caedreon was believed to be profoundly disinterested with the Emergence of Humanity. Caedreon was far more occupied with an incursion from the Elemental Plane of Fire, in a conflict remembered as the Emberfell Wars. The Emberfell Wars are said to have lasted for more than a century and the restoration of the Forest and its inhabitants is said to have lasted for several more.

Age of Conquest

It was during the Age of Conquest that Caedreon took notice of the emergency of humanity. Elventine settlements began to fall and were occupied or resettled by Human invaders. These invaders were far more hungry for resources and land, which led to the plundering of the Elnurian Forest. With the fall of the Elventine humanity turned its focus to the Elnurian Forest forest and its defenders, Ceadreon. Within the Age of Conquest the size of the Elnurian Forest was reduced by approximately fifty percent as humans cut it for timber and burnt it for land. Ceadreon suffered greatly, its settlements were felled or burnt with Forest and people slaughtered. Caedreon was not idle, they defended their lands and the Forest, but were overwhelmed by the numbers of humans and their brutal tactics. However, by the end of the Age of Conquest Caedreon, with the other defenders of the Elnurian Forest, had with great bloodshed arrested the Human advancement and destruction of the Forest.

Age of Blood

The Age of Blood brought a reprieve to the war between humans and the peoples of the Elnurian Forest, however, far worse threats faced Caedreon and the Forest. Demons who paid allegiance to Zuggtmoy burst through portals into the Forest intent on subverting life into decay and dominating the area. This conflict is known within the Forest as The Putrefaction, or the Invisible War for it has little presence outside the Forest. During The Putrefaction demons rampaged, whilst corruption and fel fungi blossomed; both of which devastated the populace and caused damage that is still today not fully undone.   As The Putrefaction festered another threat grew in scope. The Crystal Catalyst had turned itself from a utopian project of meritocracy into a waking nightmare of authoritarian autocracy powered by incredibly strong magic. These two evils, however, came into conflict as both sought domination over the Elnurian Forest. After two centuries of devastating war between the three sides, the Crystal Catalyst, demons of Zuggtmoy, and the defenders of the Elnurian Forest the forces of Zuggtmoy were finally vanquished by the Crystal Catalyst. After the defeat of Zuggtmoy the peoples of the Forest waged a guerrilla war against the would be Crystal Catalyst conquerors, and joined with other forces who sought to throw down the Catalyst. As a result the people of Caedreon participated in the Siege of Garthedd and the supposed destruction of the City, Kingdom, and its Triarchy

Age of Contempt

End of the Age of Blood did not beckon an age of hope or prosperity and instead brought more contempt. Within the Age of Contempt the encroachment of Human kingdoms and Free States has returned with parts of the Forest once more felled by steel and flame. This has led Caedreon to declare war against the Human majority kingdoms and collaborate with the Tee’Chaher to protect the Forest and strike out against those who have sought to do harm to the Forest. As a result many kingdoms surrounding Ceadreon have led punitive expeditions against Caedreon, most have been but not led to any material success.   In 174:Contempt the kingdoms of the Elnurian Forests formed a military pact, which in time grew into a much deeper military and economic alliance, the pinnacle of this was the creation of Glean Sord in 345:Contempt.   In 532:Contempt Caedreon, as a result of negotiations with the Heroes of the Free States, joined in an alliance of Free States and kingdoms against the Kingdom of Thaxnorian. This alliance fought in the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion, with the most significant battle taking place at Havdar Field. The Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion ended abruptly with the reemergence of the Avatar of Orcus and Crystal Catalyst in the Wars of Undeath. Caedreon fought in an alliance against the threats and participated in the Fall of Garthedd.   In aftermath of the Wars of Undeath Caedreon renewed its commitment to Glean Sord. Caedreon established formal and better relations with the Union of Crowns and Aarelan. This was the result of two factors. Firstly, legislation protecting the rights of the Elder Races within the Union of Crowns and Aarelan. Secondly, an agreement which saw an end to the deforestation of the Elnurian Forest that boarded the two kingdom in exchange for Caedreon providing assistance in crop growing; although it sound be noted this led to minor insurrections from farmers and landed gentry forced to give up their land to the Forest.

The Heart of the Elnurian Forest

Founding Date
Serpentine Age
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Gift economy
Major Exports
Silk, Timber, Flax, and Ironwood
Major Imports
Precious Stones and Gems, Mithral, Salt, Gold, Yew Wood, Incense, and Silver.

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