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The Povitz (Province) of Agdane is the primary home of the Runemanic peoples, also known as the palemen, within the Velgan Empire. Agdane does not rule itself, and the Runemanic are treated poorly within the Provitz that they are a majority. The Runemanic suffer from the same inequalities that the nonhumans of the Velgan Empire are plagued by.  


Agdane is a Provitz made up of thick and dark forests, which even the most experienced huntsman can get lost in or even decimated by their forests’ inhabitants, mountainous peaks, frozen rivers, and wind battered tundras. The Icy Spines wind through the Provitz, to the north east is the Duchy of Donieper, the east the Bay of Ice, and to the south the Frozen Ocean.  

Level of Autonomy

Agdane is a Povitz of the Velgan Empire, and is directly ruled by a noble representative of the Tsar known as an Imperial Boyar. The Boyar is responsible to the Tsar and has broad authority to rule as they please so long as they keep the peace. The Velgan Empire’s tax collectors have a stranglehold over trade and common tax in the Povitz. The Povitz is subject to a process known as Velganisation of culture and language where practices and language are sought to be destroyed and replaced by Velgan ones; as such all official pledges, documents, and duties are carried out in the Velgan language.  

Race Relations

The Velgan Empire has remarkably and notoriously bad relations between races. Discrimination against nonhumans and the Runemanic are entrenched in the legal system of the Velgan Empire, as they are official second class citizens, who are restricted in terms of employment, ownership, and even where they are permitted to live. Additionally, they have fewer and worse legal recourses when a crime is committed against them by other Velgan people. The majority nonhuman provinces also face much greater taxes and restrictions against them.   Socially, the discrimnation against the Runemanic and nonhumans within Agdane has tended to lead to one of two extremes within the Runemanic. Some have leant towards the nonhumans who are also discriminated against by their Velgan rulers and have a great deal of solidarity with them. Others, take out their frustrations and anger of their poor living conditions and lack of autonomy against nonhumans.  

Views on Arcane Magic

The Velgan Empire believes that magic is an unpredictable risk, but its use is more than justified in service to the Tsar. The Velgan Empire is a signature to the Toc’vastil Accords, but only tacitly conforms to it, allowing various leniencies; providing Bastille Mages prove their loyalty to the Tsar and Empire they are given more freedom that mages in virtually any other Human kingdom save for Aarelan, they are permitted to leave the Arcane Bastille for pre approved amounts of time, and some are even freed from the confines of the Arcane Bastille system itself. Mages who are not loyal can be subject to the same abuses seen in other kingdoms.  


The Runemanic people who make the majority of Agdane were once powerful and prosperous under their Fylkes, kingdoms which encompassed much of the continents of Talduras and Taunas, prior to the Age of Blood. The Fylkes were all but destroyed during the Age of Blood , and although the Runemanic attempted a resurgence in the Age of Contempt they amounted to little. In the aftermath the Runemanic were reduced to city states instead of great Fylkes. Runemanic were conquered by the Velgan Empire, who for the purpose of administration incorporated the various different groups of Runemanic into the Velgan Empire as the Povitz of Agdane.  


The official state religion of the Velgan Empire is the Ebon Flame , a sect of worship to the Radiant Lady , it is the popular religion within the Empire, and the only one that can be legally worshipped. The dogma of the Ebon Flame is based upon a hatred of the nonhumans, as well as the belief that the Radiant Lady is the only true faith. The Ebon Flame believe that those who are born with magic or learn its arts are cursed, but can be redeemed through devout faith and service to the country.   The Radiant Lady has been rejected by the majority of those within Oxengrad, especially those within Oxengrad University, however, to avoid legal repercussions many still pay marginal lip service. Despite the illegality, there are other deities and faiths worshipped within the Velgan Empire, some of these are the Seldarine is the most popular pantheon among forest gnomes and elves, and the Morndinsamman among dwarves and rock gnomes. Likewise the Draconic Pantheon are favoured among the draconic races. Within the Povitz of Agdane, there is a trend of worshipping older pagan force although this is done in secret.
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