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Bastille Mages

The Arcane Bastille Mages, colloquially known as Bastille Mages, are the order of mages who exist within the Arcane Bastille system which polices mages and magic. It is rare that someone chooses to become a member of the Bastille Mages, instead people are forced into the faction through imprisonment in the Arcane Bastille by the Brightswords.


The Bastille Mages were inadvertently created at the dawn of the Age of Contempt with the signing of the Toc’vastil Accords. The Accords established the Arcane Bastille system, which imprisons mages for the virtues of either being born with magic or manifesting it. The Accords were created in the aftermath of Age of Blood, these were fertile times for the hatred of magic and the Bastille system was wildly and quickly established. Since then the Bastille system, and thus the Bastille Mages, have become a deeply ingrained part of life throughout much of the known world.


While the Bastille Mages initially existed simply as prisoners and victims of others actions. In the centuries since the Bastille Mages have evolved to make the most of the system they are forced into, and have developed the following purposes:   Researchers The Bastille Mages, perhaps as a result of being imprisoned around libraries and arcane labs or out of genuine interest, actively seek out or seek to create new knowledge and arcane formulations. This leads the Bastille Mages to perform experiments, formulate new spells, and further allow certain members to escape the physical confines of the Bastille to seek out information.   Instructors One of the core responsibilities of Bastille Mages is to keep others safe, from the Brightswords and the dangers of magic itself. As a result Bastille Mages teach other a wide variety of subjects, but most importantly how to control their magic and avoid conflict with the Brightswords.   Enemies of Maleficarum In defiance of the Toc’vastil Accords and their imprisonment by the Brightswords, the Bastille Mages work to prevent the misuse of magic throughout Runetalras. To achieve this the Bastille Mages have agents escape the physical confines of the Bastilles to hunt out Maleficarum and others who misuse magic, all in the hopes of improving the image of magic in Runetalras.


The Bastille Mages are made up of those from all races and social classes. Some are filled with hate and scorn for being persecuted for being nothing more than what they were born as. Others believe it to be a reasonable precaution against the danger that which is a core part of them. Suffice to say the Bastille Mages are made up of a hugely diverse group of individuals.

Where the Faction Operates

The Bastille Mages, just like the Bastille system itself, are widespread and are active across multiple continents and many Human kingdoms. The Arcane Bastille exist throughout the Free States, Kasari Dominion, Kingdom of Thaxnoria, and Velgan Empire.


All who begin to manifest magical powers are required, by the Toc’vastil Accords,to submit themselves to an Arcane Bastille, or the Brightswords shall their after remand them to one. Typically the age that someone begins to manifest is between the ages of six-to-fifteen, and these are the most common admittance to the Bastilles, though anyone who begins to manifest the ability to manipulate the Weave, or indeed anyone who intentionally gains the ability to manipulate the Weave, is forced into a Bastille. There are no exceptions to this rule, should the child of a King manifest magic they must be reprimanded into a Bastille and striped of all right to inheritants; a single exception can be made, but only after a mage either passess the Attestment or demonstrates equivulant skill, and must be agreed between the Blade Master and First Archon of the closest Bastille and highest authority of the local land.   Once a person joins a Bastille they are observed both by the Brightswords and Bastille mages and their unique weave-imprint taken to be used to track down that mage should they escape a Bastille.   Whenever a child is taken into a Bastille they are raised to the age of sixteen, whilst being taught in a variety of subjects, and schooled in the arcane arts. Upon reaching the age of sixteen the mage undergoes the Attestment, in which they are tested both physically and mentally to prove that they are capable of fending of resisting weave abjurations and not becoming abominations. If a child of 13 is brought into a Bastille they are given a full three years of training and instruction before they are required to undertake the Attestment, as to not unnecessarily risk their life. When an individual is taken into a Bastille who is above the age of sixteen it is jointly decided by the Brightswords and Bastille mages whether the individual should take the Attestment immediately or have a three year period of teaching first.

The Myth of Neutrality

The Bastilles are supposed to be neutral and impartial in accordance with the Toc’vastil Accords, however in practice this has been far from the case. Practical all kingdoms and Free States have in times of war and peace exploited Bastille mages to suit their own ends. When it has come to internal conflicts, civil wars and the like, it is common for a few Bastille mages to participate in both sides of the conflict as to carry favour with whichever side is victorious.

Bastille Mage Politics

The Bastille also have an expansive and deep-seated system of politics. The political system is, broadly, divided into seven different parties of diverse and conflicting viewpoints.   Accordists also known as apologists are particularly common within the Kasari Dominion and the Free States. They value the Tocvastil Accords establishing the System of Bastilles and Brightswords, generally viewing it as the best and only system to control the unpredictability and dangers of magic. Accordists are stereotypically religious, timid, or confidence in their magic.   Isolationists are a queer kind, they believe that separating the mages from the people. Isolationist would like to hall themselves off in castles, keeps, and towers far from civilization to prevent conflict arising.   Secessionist view the abuses of the Brightswords as abhorrent. They believe that the system of Bastilles would best be suited by abolishing the Brightswords, and having the mages of the Bastilles police themselves.   Councillors believe that magic users are better to create laws that magic users should follow, better than any zealot or king. Only mages can f fully understand where the limits of magic should be, and how best to capture and punish those who break them. the Bastilles should be reborn under the leadership of the Council of Magi   Abolitionist are the most extreme of the parties, they seek to tear down the Bastilles and end them forevermore. The Bastilles are an abhorrent abuse, mage should be able to live and love with their fellow man, not imprisoned, abused, or raped. The Bastilles must be broken   Centralists are the largest party within most Bastilles, and as their name suggests sit near the centre of Bastille politics. They believe that the system is not perfect and can be improved, but it is a necessary evil. Mages need protection from the world, and the world needs protect from mages, and the Brightswords are imperfect but effect at their duty. Ultimately the system can and must be improved, but it is the only system we have, without it there would only be chaos and bloodshed.   Egotists are an unofficial party as no one can been seen as being a member of them. The are self-centered individuals who seek only two things: power and wealth.

Life within the Bastilles

The Bastille system has a mixed reputation among mages and non-mages alike. While the system can imposes heavy restrictions on those within it, it is not technically a system of slavery, as its members are not owned by anyone, but by the same token members can be compelled to work are are most certainly not free. As a result of this, and the confinement of mages in Bastilles indefinitely makes the Bastilles themselves tantamount to prisons. Through the Toc’vastil Accords few rights are enshrined, though few rights are specifically removed from those within Bastilles.   The lives and safety of those within the Bastilles are highly dictated by the nation, community, and Brightswords leadership. Those who enter the Bastille are striped of all they own, from bank accounts to the clothes on their backs, with the proceeds being seized by the Brightswords. The Bastilles are then forced to provide clothes, robes, food, rooms, and an education, they quality of which varies from Bastille to Bastille. Curfews, strict rules, and punishment are common within Bastilles, and in worse Bastilles violence, solitary confinement, and sexual violence are far to common, which has lead to an unfortunate number of suicides are reported from Bastilles.   All of the apprentices of the Arcane Bastilles live in a communal manner with apprentices have few personal possessions. The apprentices themselves are taught in small classes by either the master of the schools of magic, school experts, or bastille mages. The mages within the Bastilles spend their days studying and researching both arcane and mundane matters, and practicing their arcane arts, enchanting, and alchemy.   The apprentices of all Circles, though, live communally and are taught by the Higher Mages in small classes. They are allowed no contact with their families or anyone from outside with the exception of mail privileges. They pass the days studying and researching the different schools of magic and alchemy.   Romantic unions between mages are highly discouraged, and can even result in punishments from the Brightswords, though this has done little to stop mages for carrying out love affairs in the Bastilles in secret. Should a union result in a pregnancy most are terminated by the mages before the Brightswords discover, in the cases where termination is not possible or not opted for the child is taken from its parents and placed in the care of an appropriate temple, and if is often the case the union produces a child capable of manipulating the Weave they are placed in the care of another Bastille; whichever path is taken it practical impossible for a Bastille mage to find out the name of their child yet alone its fate. Romantic relationships between Bastille mages and Brightswords are strictly forbidden, with severe punishments for both parties, but are still known to occur occasionally. The Bastilles of the Velgan Empire and Aarelan as the sole exceptions to these rules.


  Grand Archon The Grand Archon is elected by the First Archons at the Archon’s College. The Grand Archon acts as the head of the Arcane Bastilles and speaks as a voice for them   First Archon The First Archon functions as the head of an Arcane Bastille overseeing all the mages within.   Master of an Arcane School Within each Bastille there are seven masters of the schools of magic, a Master of Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, and Transmutation. They oversee all mages who choose their school of magic and elect the First Archon.   Senior of an Arcane School Similarly there Seniors of each school of magic Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, and Transmutation. The Seniors of each school instruct Juniors of the Arcane Schools, and spend their time researching.   Junior of an Arcane School Similarly there Juniors of each school of magic Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, and Transmutation. Juniors teach the High Mages and Mages   First Alchemist The First Alchemist is leader of the Alchemist, and provides assistance to the ranks higher than themselves.   First Historian The First Historian is the leader of the Historians and focuses on researching and the rediscovery of lost spells   Higher Mage The High Mages are incharge of the teaching of lower mages and Initiates   Mage Mages are the instructors and teachers of the Apprentices   Lower Mage Lower Mages are the first rank of true mages and are the first not to be treated as children. The duty of lower mages is to maintain their research and prepare to teach others   Initiate Someone becomes an Initiate after passing their Attestment, but still have a great deal to learn before becoming a mage   Apprentice An Apprentice is the rank that anyone gains when they join the Bastille and before they take the Attestment.

Magic must Endure

Ranks within the Bastille

  Grand Archon   First Archon   Master of an Arcane School   Senior of an Arcane School   Junior of an Arcane School   First Alchemist   First Historian   Higher mage   Mage   Lower mage   Initiate   Apprentice
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