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Arcane Bastille

The Arcane Bastille system, oft referred to as the Arcane Bastilles or Bastille system, is perhaps the most widespread system and organisation in the known world. It is the largest system which polices the mages and the use of magic, with Brightswords imprisoning Bastille Mages.


The Arcane Bastilles were created at the dawn of the Age of Contempt with the signing of the Toc’vastil Accords. The Accords established the Arcane Bastille system, which imprisons mages for the virtue of either being born with magic or manifesting it. The Accords were created in the aftermath of Age of Blood, these were fertile times for the hatred of magic and the Bastille system was wildly and quickly established. Since then the Bastille system has become a deeply ingrained part of life throughout much of the known world. As a result both the Bastille Mages and Brightswords were created as victims and to enact the system respectively.

Regional Trends

The Bastilles are located in a variety of locations from cities to isolated locals, wherever Bastilles are not the Brightswords have various outputs and garrisons which are used as temporary Bastilles and extensions for the Brightswords reach. The Bastilles themselves are veritable fortresses, constructed with the assistance of magic, to both protect from assault from outside and rebellion from the mages within.

Order Protects Runetalras

Founding Date
Political, Faction / Party
Subsidiary Organizations

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