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Kingdom of Elnusari

The Kingdom of Elnusari exists in the heart of the Elnurian Forest, and if you listen to the peoples of Elnusari it is they who are the heart of the Forest and their respective races. Elnusari proclaim themselves to be the inheritors of the historical Elventine Empire and its legacy.


Elnusari is located within the Elnurian Forest, the largest forest in all of Runetalras, at the centre of the Runedastil continent. It borders the Free States in the east, south, and west, Aarelan in the west, and the kingdoms of Caedreon and Old Garstil in the north, but the actual borders between the latter two these kingdoms are ill defined and in a state of non-violent flux.


The majority of the population of Elnusari are wood elves and forest gnomes, with significant minorities of firbolgs, dryads, and wandering elves. There are also small numbers of tieflings, half-orcs, goliaths, and aasimar, as well as a number of monstrous races.


The majority of the population of Elnusari worship the Seldarine. The Seldarine are a shadow of what they once were in the time of the Elventine. All that is known of the Seldarine has been pieced together from oral traditions and rare artefacts that have survived steel, fire, and the millenia that have passed since the dawn of the Age of Conquest. Other deities are worshipped within Elnusari, typically deities that represent the natural world.

Racial Relations

The peoples of Elnusari maintain positive and legal equal relationship with many of their minority races firbolgs, dryads, and wandering elves. They maintain less positive relationships with half-orcs and humans who are harshly discriminated against, and the latter of which are not legally permitted to settle permanently within the Kingdom.

Views on Magic

The Elnusari believe that magic is an innate and natural part of the world. Whilst magic can be dangerous, so can the seas, and forests. Taken with training the Elnusari believe that while magic may be a danger, it does not justify limiting the freedoms of their peoples.


The Kingdom of Elnusari is officially a hereditary monarchy, although the Crown is not a powerful political institution. The true political power within the Elnusari is the Council of Clans; the Council of Clans is comprised of representatives from each Clan (Clans meaning extended families) within Elnusari, all matters are discussed and debated for as long as is needed, sometimes years are dedicated to debates, and then brought to a vote.

International Relations

Elnusari maintains cordial relationships with the other kingdoms that claim to be the successors of the Elventine Empire, Selu’Qidar and Legvaren. Elnusari maintains friendly relations with the kingdoms of Old Garstil and Caedreon, and have even formed the Elnurian Alliance, who all work to preserve the Elnurian Forest and protect one another. Elnusari has remarkably poor relations with the Free States surrounding it, but these have improved in recent years as a result of concerted efforts made by non-state actors.


The Clans’ Loremasters, Priests, Arcanists, Huntermasters, and Warmasters all instruct and teach all peoples of Elnusari in the arts and practises in the skills that they the students desire.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

The society of the Kingdom of Elnusari generally recognises a vast multitude of gender identities. The society of Elnusari is also generally gender fluid, with it being normal for a person to change their gender identity to different degrees of regularity ranging from never, to a few times in a lifetime, to multiple times a month. This societal structure is the result of Seldarine ‘s primary deity Larethian also exhibiting this trait.   There is wide sexual freedom and acceptance within the society of Elnusari, which seems to be a direct result of the wide gender fuild nature of the population.   There are few titles or roles passed down through bloodlines, but those that do exist are based upon seniority. For the purpose of inheritance estates are split equally.


To the outside observer Elnusari has no tangible systems of Infrastructure, however to the perceptive and familiar with Elnusari the know that is anything but true. Trails exist instead of roads, trees grown hollow to store foodstuffs, and dams constructed by the creatures of the forest, all in harmony with nature.

Agriculture & Industry

The Kingdom of Elnusari agricultural system is somewhat backwards, only a limited portion of foodstuff is produced from farming, while the majority comes from advanced systems of foraging and hunting. Industry is similarly small, groups of crafters produce weave armour, and Ironwood weapons, natural textile clothing, and lifestyle necessities. Trade with Caedreon and Old Garstil exists to supplement foodstuffs and natural resources, while the trade city of Glean Sord serves to facilitate trade between Caedreon, Old Garstil, Elnusari and the rest of the world.


The creation of the Kingdom of Elnusari was the direct result of the destruction of the Elventine Empire. Human activity during the Age of Conquest seems to be responsible for the fate of the Elventine, as they occupied cities and set about destroying all references to the culture and history that predated their conquest; similarly the Elventine began to burn their cities to the ground rather than allow humans to capture them no doubt destroying countless historic, religious, and cultural artefacts.

Age of Conquest

The Kingdom of Elnusari was born amidst the ruins of the dead Elventine Empire within the Elnurian Forest. The Kingdom of Elnusari set about building a kingdom which was attuned to nature and attempted to rebirth the former glory of the Elventine. Little sooner than the Kingdom of Elnusari began to take hold the Age of Blood disrupted their efforts.

Age of Blood

The fledgling Kingdom of Elnusari was attacked, pillaged, and plagued by demons who paid allegiance to Zuggtmoy burst through portals into the Forest intent on subverting life into decay and dominating the area. This conflict is known within the Forest as The Putrefaction, or the Invisible War for it has little presence outside the Forest. During The Putrefaction demons rampaged, whilst corruption and fel fungi blossomed; both of which devastated the populace and caused damage that is still today not fully undone. During this period the people of Elnusari were forced into a semi-nomadic lifestyle as they evaded the threats of the Age and performed guerrilla attacks of the extra-planar invaders working with the forces of the Elnurian Forest. Over centuries and working with the Forest and its other inhabitants As The Putrefaction festered another threat grew in scope. The Crystal Catalyst had turned itself from a utopian project of meritocracy into a waking nightmare of authoritarian autocracy powered by incredibly strong magic. These two evils, however, came into conflict as both sought domination over the Elnurian Forest. After two centuries of devastating war between the three sides, the Crystal Catalyst, demons of Zuggtmoy, and the defenders of the Elnurian Forest the forces of Zuggtmoy were finally vanquished by the Crystal Catalyst. After the defeat of Zuggtmoy the peoples of the Elnusari continued guerrilla war but turned it against the would be Crystal Catalyst conquerors, and joined with other forces who sought to throw down the Catalyst. As a result the people of Elnusari participated in the Siege of Garthedd and the supposed destruction of the City, Kingdom, and its Triarchy.

Age of Conquest

As the Age of Blood was brought to an end the Kingdom of Elnusari began the slow process of reconstruction and resettlement. It was also in this period where Elnusari truly defined its culture and purpose; a society in union with nature and one another, and one that will restore the former greatness lost at the hands of Human aggression, expansion, and violence.   End of the Age of Blood did not beckon an age of hope or prosperity and instead brought more contempt. Within the Age of Contempt the encroachment of Human kingdoms and Free States has returned with parts of the Forest once more felled by steel and flame. This has led to Elnusari’s support for Tee’Chaher, and they have persistently sheltered them within their lands. As a result many kingdoms surrounding Elnusari   In 174:Contempt the kingdoms of the Elnurian Forests formed a military pact, which in time grew into a much deeper military and economic alliance, the pinnacle of this was the creation of Glean Sord in 345:Contempt. In 532:Contempt Elnusari, as a result of negotiations with the Heroes of the Free States, joined in an alliance of Free States and kingdoms against the Kingdom of Thaxnorian. This alliance fought in the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion, with the most significant battle taking place at Havdar Field. The Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion ended abruptly with the reemergence of the Avatar of Orcus and Crystal Catalyst in the Wars of Undeath. Elnusari fought in an alliance against the threats and participated in the Fall of Garthedd. In aftermath of the Wars of Undeath Elnusari renewed its commitment to Glean Sord. Elnusari established formal and better relations with the Union of Crowns and Aarelan. This was the result of two factors. Firstly, legislation protecting the rights of the Elder Races within the Union of Crowns and Aarelan. Secondly, an agreement which saw an end to the deforestation of the Elnurian Forest that boarded the two kingdom in exchange for Elnusari providing assistance in crop growing; although it sound be noted this led to minor insurrections from farmers and landed gentry forced to give up their land to the Forest.

Life as it always was

Founding Date
Late in the Age of Conquest
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Gift economy
The The Kingdom of Elnusari does not use currency within their lands, instead functioning on a gift economy, when a clan member is need others supply them, and each member of the clans works for the mutual embetterment of the clan as a whole. While this has functioned for Ages, Glean Sord now functions to provide hard currency for trade with the rest of the world.
Major Exports
Silk, Wine, Timber, Beeswax and Honey, Flax, Precious Stone and Gems, and Ironwood.
Major Imports
Marble, Glass, Silver, Yew Wood, Incense, Spice, Gold, Platnium, as well as extra-regional foodstuffs
Legislative Body
Council of Clans

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