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Union of Crowns

The Union of Crowns is an economic, political, and military union of Free States, it is comprised of the Free States Enarsel, Feloc, Pathral, Tel'Bacy, and Velfauna. The Free States are united by their opposition to and past conflict with the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, and also the threats of Kingdoms of Righteous Flame and Orrak Aahgith.   The Union of Crowns formed in the context of great struggle, the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion almost brought about the destruction of its component Free States, and the Wars of Undead imperilled the very world and took their toll upon them as well. It was only through the actions of the Heroes of the Free States that they survived, and knowing this they banded together to form the Union of Crowns to be able to stand up to the threats that imperilled them in the future.  


It is said that there is a deity for every person within the Free States; while this is clearly false there is some merit to it. By far and away the Free States pay reverence to the largest number of deities. This is because the Free States lack general hegemony, especially in the cultural and religious. For more information see Religion in the Free States.  

Racial Relations

The racial relations within the component Free States of the Union of Crowns underwent remarkable changes in 532-533:Contempt, a result of agreements with the Heroes of the Free States. Legal discrimation against the elder races were done away with, and further laws were put into place to attempt to do away with extra-legal discrimantion. These efforts have faced difficulties, racism within the population has not been done away with, and some believe that a plot is afoot to take their kingdom and give it over the elder races, this was demonstrated when the gates of Velfauna were open by popular revolt to Thaxnoria during the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion. Racial remains, although it has been lessened and is pursued by the authorities.   This being said an outlet has been the arrival of the so called ‘monstrous’ races, orcs, drow, goblinoids, and the like as a result of the expansion of Orrak Aahgith. These races now fill the place of the elder races, being legally discriminated against, and suffering from greater degrees of violence.  


The Union of Crowns is an economic, political, and military union of Free States, it is comprised of the Free States Enarsel, Feloc, Pathral, Tel'Bacy, and Velfauna. The Union is ruled by the Crown Council made of the Monarchs of each of the Free States. There is a degree of autonomy amongst the member Free States, but their economic, military, and laws regarding the elder races are unified.  

International Relations

The Union of Crowns feels far from secure in terms of geopolitics, they are surrounded by historic and potential threats, those being the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, the Kingdoms of Righteous Flame, and Orrak Aahgith. These threats have driven the Union of Crowns to pursue alliances with kingdoms that they were previously in conflict or had underlying tensions with, those being the Aarelan, the Elnurian Alliance (Caedreon, Kingdom of Elnusari, and Old Garstil), and the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar.  


Like most human kingdoms the peoples of the Union of Crowns are not entitled to any form of education. Children thus receive their necessary education from family, friends, townsfolk, or employers. There are exceptions to their rule, the nobles and wealthy are able to afford tutors or to send their children to private schools or academies. Another option are the various churches and cults who instruct children in a wide variety of subjects ranging from history, to religion, to the natural world.   In recent years a private enterprise educating children and providing apprenticeships has taken hold within the Union of Crowns offering education to the poor and less fortunate, and the elder races and humans.

Cooperation, Collaboration, and Coexistance

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Crown Union, (former name Celadon Union of Crowns, the Kingdom was officially renamed to the Union of Crowns in 535:Contempt as the abbreviation became embarrassing)
Predecessor Organization
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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