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Pathral (Path-ral)

The city of Pathral is located on the southern bank of the Honeywater river near its mouth which flows into the great Seuibe River. To the west of the city the Elnurian Forest can be seen, the ancient wood has long been cut back miles away from the city to make way for agriculture and settlements. The city is surrounded by farmlands and hamlets which reach to the Forest.

Lay of the Land

The streets of Pathral are a network of winding pathways that weave through the urban landscape, connecting the various districts and neighbourhoods. The streets are paved with a combination of cobblestone and packed dirt.   The streets are often crowded with people going about their daily lives, engaging in lively conversations, and engaging in the hustle and bustle of city life. Traders and merchants can be seen setting up their stalls along the sidewalks, offering a variety of goods and wares to passersby.   The city's growth and expansion over the years have led to a blend of old and new structures. At its core, the architecture is characterised by a sense of solidity and sturdiness. Stone and brick buildings dominate the skyline, with some structures adorned with intricate carvings and decorative elements.   Within the Pathral there are countless public spaces and squares, some filling with statues, others green spaces and fountains.


The Palace of Pathral. Located at the centre of the city atop a hill, the Palace of Pathral stands as a fortress-like structure made of stone and iron. Its spires reach into the sky, and crenulations mark the palace, giving it a distinct militaristic architectural style.. A wall marks the Palace’s boundaries with great wooden gates upon them.   The palace has four gates into the grounds, the north, east, south, and west gates. It is not uncommon for soldiers, guards, nobles, and even important merchants to enter into the palace grounds and it is considered to a pleasant meeting place for these groups of people, as it visually appealing with large courtyards, fountains, and gardens, is is also seen as secure, as there is a barracks of Pathral Army and the Tower of the Sworn Swords and their training ground. The Castle itself is harder to get in, only those in service of the Crown and those with appointments, and high nobles are able to physically enter the Palace.   Inside the palace is stark, simple and utilitarian architectural styles, decorations are armour, steel, dyed tapestries, and paintings of landscapes. The colour schemes seem to be white and blue. The castle is a maze of walls and doors.   The Grey Guard - Bastille of Pathral. The Grey Guard is a formidable fortress-like structure, tall, wide, and imposing; it looks like a particularly box-like castle with four squared towers. Differing from other keeps, the Grey Guard lacks any crenulations and has only one exit through a gatehouse fortified to defend from those seeking to exist the Grey Guard rather than invaders. The Grey Guard is the Bastille of Pathral, it is stark and spartan and has an authoritarian architecture to it. Most of the Grey Guard is a dead magic zone, preventing any spellcasting in its walls. The Grey Guard has a reputation for being an oppressive place for those imprisoned or guarded within it.   The Tower of the Sworn Swords. The Tower of the Sworn Swords lies within the centre of Pathral and within the grounds of the Palace of Pathral. The Tower is built from thick stone and fortified with battlements, the tower is a formidable bastion of defence. Its architecture blends elements of military fortifications and regal grandeur, creating a unique and awe-inspiring sight. The sigil of the Sworn Swords, the royal guard and elite fighting force of Pathral, is emblazoned on the doors of the tower and on banners hanging from it.   The Grand Arena. Pathral boasts a grand arena where thrilling spectacles and competitions take place. This colossal amphitheatre can seat thousands of spectators who gather to witness gladiatorial battles and other displays of skill and bravery. The arena is located within the northeast of the city within its walls.   The Merchant Guildhall. As a bustling hub of trade and commerce, Pathral is home to an impressive Merchant Guildhall. This sprawling complex houses the offices and meeting halls of prominent merchant guilds, where influential traders gather to negotiate deals, form alliances, and discuss matters of commerce. The guildhall's architecture showcases opulent facades, grand archways, and ornate interiors that reflect the city's prosperity and economic power.   The Harbour Exchange. The Harbour Exchange is a sprawling complex situated at the heart of Pathral's bustling port. The Exchange combines extensive docks and also countless warehouses, it serves as a hub for maritime trade and commerce, where ships from distant lands dock to unload their cargo and exchange goods..
Pathral - The City of Swords
Large city

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