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Elector-Kingdom of Morahemia

Morahemia was, before the Kasari Wars of Unification, a free and independent kingdom and despite its union with the Kasari Dominion it maintains a rich culture and history of its own. Moreahemia is one of the western Kasari kingdoms and as such suffers from incursions from the Velgan Empire, and suffers during the Great Chills.  


Morahemia is one of the western Kasari kingdoms, the Bloody Straight runs along its west and separates it from the Velgan Empire. The Iron Range stands tall in its north, the Ore Mountains in south, and the Morahemian Forest in the centre and north of the country.  

Level of Autonomy

Within the Kasari Dominion power is greatly decentralised, as the Holy Kasari Emperor is not an absolute ruler; they act as the primary arbiter within the judicial system, the ceremonial head of state, and only a member of the Council of Elector-Princes. Given the Holy Kasari Emperor is not considered the ruler of all provinces and Elector-Kingdoms, each has broad power to act autonomously and as a semi-sovereign entity. Given this they have their own set of laws and traditions, however, they must make some tributes to the Holy Kasari Emperor and in times of war must contribute to the Kasari Army, however each Elector-Kingdom retains command of its own forces.  

Race Relations

The racial relations of the Kasari Dominion are complex and based upon religious doctrine. The religion of the region following the Age of Blood was the Radiant Lady worshipped through the Church of the Eternal Flame , however the Kasari state intervene and caused a schism resulting in the creation of the Church of the Crimson Flame created; the deviations being on the nature of the races. As a result racial relations towards nonhumans in the Kasari Dominion can be broadly positive, while discrimination does exists it mostly casual lacking venom, legal discimnation, and violence; however, this is only the case when nonhumans embrace and accept the culture of the Kasari Dominon, and the religion of the Crimson Flame . Those who do not are subject to violent and legal discrimination, similar to that experienced in other kingdoms.  

Views on Arcane Magic

The Kasari Dominion has amongst the worst outlooks upon magic and mages of Human kingdoms. The Kingdom proclaims that magic is the most dangerous force in all of Runetalras, and has led to the greatest catastrophe in all of history, the Age of Blood . Magic is outlawed within the Kasari Dominion , all who are capable of casting it save for the priests of the Radiant Lady are condemned to among the worst Arcane Bastille in all of Runetalras.  


The Prystad dynasty has ruled Morahemia since its assertion of independence during the Age of Blood, as the Palemen's rule crumbled. King Ottovast Prystad earned the nickname the Steel and Gold King and is greatly respected to this day. Ottovast led the Morahemian resistance to Ferdmark who attempted to reconquer the region after it declared it independence.   Morahemia suffered greatly from the Righteous Conflagration and continues to in the conflicts between the Kasari and Velgan peoples.   Morahemia was brought into the Kasari Dominon during the Kasari Wars of Unification. Morhemia fought a coalition of Kasari kingdoms and was handed a humiliating defeat in its first and only battle, with its capital Praggha besieged, Morahemia capitulated. In the peace Morahemia became a part of the newly established Kasari Dominion as an Elector-Kingdom.  


The Church of the Crimson Flame is the official religion of the Kasari Dominion and is the most popular religion of the kingdom. The Church is fully integrated into the state structure of the Kasari Dominion. The dogma of the Crimson Flame is based upon belief that the Radiant Lady is the only true faith. The Crimson Flame believe that arcane magic and mages are the greatest threat to all good people of the world, as mages have incredible power with little control; this is demonstrated in the numbers of mages practising forbidden magics, summoning of fiends, and creation of Weave Aberrations all of which wreak havoc and destruction upon the faithful.   Despite the illegality, there are other deities and faiths worshipped within the Kasari Dominion, some of these are the Seldarine is the most popular pantheon among forest gnomes and elves, and the Morndinsamman among dwarves and rock gnomes. Likewise the Draconic Pantheon are favoured among the draconic races.  


The economy of Morahemia is based upon the mining of tin and iron from the Ore Mountains, and sea trade has been greatly affected by the war between the Kasari Dominion and Velgan Empire.   Morahemian cuisine strongly emphasises meat dishes, pork is the most common, followed by beef and chicken. Goose, duck, rabbit, and wild game are also more common than fish dishes. Morehemians are known for their high consumption of beer. From the Morahemian city of Pilzsaw blond lager originated, and the first-ever blond large Pilzser Urquell is still produced.

Endurance Prevails

Geopolitical, Province
Parent Organization

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