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The Province of Zwerthaig is the only populated area in the southeast of the Kasari Dominion. Zwerthaig is predominantly populated by dwarves and rock gnomes, as it has been since its founding.  


Zwerthaig is a country dominated by vast frozen mountain ranges, barren hill lands, and frost touched plains. Much of the country is located beneath the surface in subterranean caverns. The country is plagued by the remnants of the Age of Blood that lingur with the Kasari Badlands.  

Views on Arcane Magic

The people of Zwerthaig had a long history of utilising arcane, and other forms of magic, to benefit their peoples as was the case in the Kingdom of Orzar’Nack. This all came to an end when they became a part of the Kasari Dominion and were forced to publically take on their outlook upon magic.   The Kasari Dominion has amongst the worst outlooks upon magic and mages of Human kingdoms. The Kingdom proclaims that magic is the most dangerous force in all of Runetalras, and has led to the greatest catastrophe in all of history, the Age of Blood . Magic is outlawed within the Kasari Dominion, all who are capable of casting it save for the priests of the Radiant Lady are condemned to among the worst Arcane Bastille in all of Runetalras.  


Zwerthaig was once a part of the Kingdom of Orzar’Nack, although it was not considered a good part of the Kingdom. In the days of the Kingdom of Orzar’Nack Zwerthaig served as a penal colony where the worst were forced to work and contribute to the Kingdom.   The times of Zwerthaig serving their masters in Orzar’Nack came to an end when the Darkquake shook the core of Runetalras, destroyed the Darkroads, and broke the reach of the Kingdom of Orzar’Nack. Zwerthaig established itself as an independent kingdom but its existence was persistently threatened by the Fylkes and Kasari Kingdoms.   Zwerthaig was brought into to the Kasari Dominion during the Kasari Wars of Unification. The Kingdom was laid siege to, instead of dragging out the affair Zwerthaig surrendered as was forced to abandoned its culture and religion for a measure independence.  


The Church of the Crimson Flame is the official religion of the Kasari Dominion and is the most popular religion of the kingdom. The Church is fully integrated into the state structure of the Kasari Dominion. The dogma of the Crimson Flame is based upon belief that the Radiant Lady is the only true faith. The Crimson Flame believe that arcane magic and mages are the greatest threat to all good people of the world, as mages have incredible power with little control; this is demonstrated in the numbers of mages practising forbidden magics, summoning of fiends, and creation of Weave Aberrations all of which wreak havoc and destruction upon the faithful.   Despite the illegality, there are other deities and faiths worshipped within the Kasari Dominion, some of these are the Seldarine is the most popular pantheon among forest gnomes and elves, and the Morndinsamman among dwarves and rock gnomes. Likewise the Draconic Pantheon are favoured among the draconic races.
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