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Corth is known throughout the Kingdom of Thaxnoria as a sparse and unforgiving country, full of people who hold honour, indepence, and justice in high regard. The unforgiving lands are said to create hard, strong, bristly people unconcerned with ostentatiousness. Culturally the peoples of Corth place little value in most arts instead focusing on practical matters dictated by their harsh environment. Honour is viewed with great prestige and seen as greatly important within Corth, and it is not viewed as a crime within Corth to rebel against a lord or noble who breaks oaths or guest rights.   As Corth lacks an abundance of fertile land they have been forced to look to the seas for sustenance, resulting in large naval traditions amongst its peoples. Fish forms a significant portion of their diets and their warriors whilst strong on land, and unparalleled fighting with axe and spear at sea.

Level of Autonomy

Even with the use of messenger birds and magical communication it is impossible for any absolute ruler or even council to effectively rule such a large kingdom. As a result, a large degree of autonomy is vested within local rulers, who must profess loyalty to the Monarchy, the House of Peers, and the Kingdom of Thaxnoria. Within Corth the Lords of Mountain and Sea are House Forbrook who serve the Crown as Corth first lords. Unlike the other human kingdoms of Thaxnoria, Corth was not brought into the fold through military conquest or threat, instead it was unified through marriage to House Gathral.   Corth, under House Forbrook, is bordly free to impose their own laws and have customs and traditions that differ wildly from the rest of Thaxnoria. There exceptions, Corth must impose port fees and ship taxes as dictated by the Monarch and House of Peers, must provide centrally dedicated levels of troops in times of war, and the region as a whole has must provide tribute and taxes at a level decided by the Monarch and House of Peers, however, Corth is free to rise these funds through any form of tax policy that they deem fit.  

Nonhuman Relations

Corth have among the best nonhuman relations within the human kingdoms of Thaxnoria, although that is not a high bar considering how troubled they are within Thaxnoria. Corth tends to judging a person through their actions rather than race, it seems the harsh environment has forced integration and acceptance as its people need to rely on another. However, discimantion and racial violence do exist within Corth with some of its people holding deep prejudice.  

Views on Arcane Magic

Much like virtually all of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria Cort is an adherent to the Toc’vastil Accords , as such mages are imprisoned within the Arcane Bastilles. Those mages who resist or attempt to evade the Bastilles are hunted by Brightswords. The peoples of Corth have a deep distrust of magic, believing to to lack honour and that it only brings about disaster.  


Corth has a long history which is claimed to date back as far as the Age of Contact as one of the oldest human kingdoms outside of the Seldori Range. It is said Corth was founded by King Athwulf Orson the Great Wolf, who drove werewolves from Corth and united the lowlands under his rule, while the Falcon Kings ruled the Falcon’s Rest Mountains. The Orson Kings ruled for generations, and expanded their lands further into the Arm of Runedastil.   The Exodus brought much change to Corth, and with it a change of rulers. House Forbrook came to the fore, as House Orson was killed by invading Avmans, and united its people to fight against the refugees and invaders. Not only did the Forbrook defend Corth, but they also brought the Falcon’s Rest Mountains under their control, taking Falcon’s Roost for their new hold. House Forbrook gained great renown through the Age of Blood and Age of Contempt, with many renowned heroes including Horran Wolfbreaker and Cifla the Climber.   Corth was brought into the fold during Thaxnorian Unification through the marriage of Cailean Forbrook and Jehanna Gathral which united Corth with the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, with the Corth leading aid to House Gathral during the Unification and later Thaxnorian civil wars.  


The Peoples of Corth once worshipped a hundred gods both cruel and kind, but the deity who received the greatest number of worshippers was Tyr. When the Faith of the Octurn was adopted by Thaxnoria in 265:Contempt Corth was not fast to take up the Faith, instead clinging to their ancestral deities, however, in the generations and centuries since the Octurn has been accepted, mostly as the result of its co opting of Tyr and other religious practices common in Corth.  

Agriculture & Industry

Corth has a relatively small economy, with hamlets, villages, and even towns simply being self-sufficient and producing little more than is necessary. Within these micro-economies neighbours tend to help one another in terms of work and if one harvests fails food is gifted to that farmer. Predominantly Corth's economy is based on agriculture, though the city of Aum Harbour is a trade hub.

Our Blades are Strong

Founding Date
1500:Contact, Incorporated into the Kingdom of Thaxnoria 233:Contempt
Geopolitical, Province
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Parent Organization
Official Languages

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