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The Crownlands are the heart of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, they are home to the capital city of Thaxnorian and seat of the Thaxnorian Crown Rhamear's Grace, which is among the largest cities in the Known World. Lords, Ladies, Knights, and countless others flock to Rhamear's Grace as it is the political centre of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria.   The Crownlands are under the direct rule of the Thaxnorian Crown, however, ven with the use of messenger birds and magical communication it is impossible for any absolute ruler or even council to effectively rule such a large kingdom. As a result, a large degree of autonomy is vested within local rulers, who must profess loyalty to the Monarchy, the House of Peers, and the Kingdom of Thaxnoria.  


The Crownlands are full of rolling hills, green plains, and fields of crops which support the country. They are also cross with roads leading to practically every corner of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, as there has oft been calls for all to travel to Rhamear's Grace. Water systems can also be seen in the countryside pulling clean water to the capital city. Rhamear's Grace itself is both a beauty and an eyesore, many of its buildings and walls are among the grandest constructed by humanity since the Age of Blood, but with so many people pollution is rampant and slums and the poor are common.  

Race Relations

The Crownlands have poor relations with nonhumans, like most of Thaxnoria. There are a number of laws restricting the employment of nonhumans, higher taxes, and segregation. There have been a number of uprisings against this system, but all have been suppressed, which has left the majority of oppressed nonhumans to begrudgingly resign to the system.  

Views on Arcane Magic

The Crownlands has a conflicted view on magic, which primarily derives from House Gathral’s direct control over the region. Mages are restricted to Arcane Bastilles as all of Thaxnoria conforms to the Tocvastil Accords, however, mages are afforded opportunities for short releases to official events and when the need calls used to deal with crisis. Organisations of mages have also been able to avoid the Bastille system in its entirety as a result of service to the Crown and state, historically the Red Wizards gained these privileges, today their successor organisations, the Arcane League and Accord, benefit from them.  


The Crownlands originated from the Copperlands, a kingdom which came to exist during the Age of Conquest, and became the region under the direct rule of the Thaxnoria Crown after Unification.   The Kingdom of the Copperlands grew from King Iceal, the first Bronze King, which was formed in the shadow of the Kingdom of Avadel. As the Copperlands expanded the true extent of copper veins combined with its abundance of timber facilitated trade and further expansion. This abundance of copper, and the use of bronze gave the Kingdom its name. The most famed historic relic of the Copperlands are the Bronze Knights; who in times of old rode out clad in glimmering bronze full plate armour, carrying lances and longswords, and riding horses in matching armour and adorned with a single bronze horn. The Bronze Knights still ride in the service of Thaxnoria, though in modern times they wear steel armour plated with bronze.   The Copperlands came to its end during the Age of Contempt when House Gathral began their Unification of the Arm of Runedastil. The Copperlands were the first kingdom to be conquered, renamed the Crownlands, and placed under the direct rule of House Gathral. Since then the Crownlands have received great investment and its capital Rhamear's Grace has become one of the greatest cities upon the Sieube River and all of Thaxnoria.  


Within Thaxnorian the Faith of the Octurn is the state religion and only religion it is legally permitted to worship, nowhere is this more turn than in the Crownlands. The Crownlands have truly accepted the Faith of the Octurn, largely forsaking their former cults. There is however, some degree of tension is held towards House Gathral within the Crownlands as a result of House Gathral’s continued worship of the deity and aspect Azuth.    

Agriculture & Industry

The economy of the Crownlands is weak save for Rhamear's Grace; much of the economy of the Crownlands has withered as copper no longer holds much worth, and its agriculture is the country’s only saving grace. The economy of Rhamear's Grace is greater than that of the rest of the Crownlands combined, as it has become a hub for trade, craft, and services since its construction.  


The Crownlands has an extensive road system which links Rhamear's Grace to every capital of the five other kingdoms, known as the Griffin’s Road. Rhamear's Grace has extensive systems of aqueducts and wells which provide clean drinking water to the denizens of Rhamear's Grace. Much of the rest of the Crownlands has languished, with little investment placed into it.

In unity strength

Founding Date
The Copperlands 1800:Contact, renamed the Crownlands 227:Conquest
Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
The Crown's Land, The Copperlands
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Parent Organization
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

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