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Kingdom of Avadel

The Kingdom of Avadel holds an almost mythic status among most of the Human majority kingdoms, and holds a place of great infamy among many of the elder races. Avadel was the first major kingdom built by humans, and reached its peak at the end of the Age of Conquest though its roots are within the Age of Contact.  


  It is believed that the Kingdom of Avadel first emerged prior to or early within the Age of Contact. During this period it is widely believed Avadel was but one of many Human petty kingdoms. It was not until late in the Age of Contact that Avadel rose to prominence and dominated its region, the Seldori Flatlands now known as the Seldori Range. Legends say that it was Remulas who led this expansion after he was bestowed a ‘sword that shone like a second sun and chosen by the heavens themselves to lead humanity towards its great destiny.’ With his sword in hand we are told that he brought Avadel to glory and titled himself Caesar. During this period the Kingdom of Avadel and the Elventine Empire concluded an agreement which allowed for Human sorcerers to be taught to further control their arcane might, which led to the first Human wizards.  


  All did not remain well between the Kingdom of Avadel and Elventine Empire; it is also here that tellings of this tale diverge. Human accounts say that the hubris and arrogance of the Elventine Empire created an inevitable path to war, while elder race accounts say that Avadel's lust for territory created a march to war; whatever may be true the outcome is the same, the Age on Conquest began in earnest.   Throughout the Age the Kingdom of Avadel created colonies throughout the Heart and Arm of Runedastil at the expense of the Elventine Empire. The Arm of Runedastil saw the most documented conflict as the Kingdom of Avadel entered into conflict with the Holy Draconic Empire over land. It is widely believed that in this conflict the Elventine was brought to its knees as destroyed. As the Elventine died is corpse was picked clean by the carrion, with Avadel and petty Human kingdoms building their homes on Elventine graves.  

The Fall

  Despite Avadel's success, by the end of the Age of Conquest all was not well with the Kingdom. Avadel was over stretched economically and militarily, rebellions brewed within its colonies, and the petty Human kingdoms tore chunks from its borders, it was all that Good Caesar Cavonus could do to keep Avadel whole. The Kingdom of Avadel would not survive much longer, as the Age of Blood was already brewing. The Age of Blood began with a coup against Cavonus, which saw the Blood Swept Council rise to power.   The Blood Swept Council, led by Anaxxis the Black, took Avadel down a blood path in an effort to dominant the all Runedastil. The Blood Swept Council conceived of the ritual at Krithlath to gain an undefeatable army. The ritual ,however, sundered the Mantle between planes of existence, and brought demons, devils, Weave Aberrations, Elementals, necrophages, undead, and shadow creatures to all of Runetalras in greater numbers than even seen; this process was uncontrollable, with Kirthlath destroyed and the Blood Swept Council presumed dead.This Age of Blood also caused the Seldori Planelands to rise into twisted mountains, now known as the Seldoir Range. All these effects completely and utterly destroyed the Kingdom of Avadel both politically and environmentally.

Humanity Unconquered

Age of Contact - 1:Blood

Geopolitical, Empire
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