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Runedastil is the continent roughly at the centre of the Known World. To its east is the Sea of Storms, its south the Wild Isles and continents of Taunas and Talduras, its west the Endless Ocean, and to its north the Seuibe River and the continent of Undras.  


The largest geographical feature of the continent is the Elnurian Forest, which prior to the Age of Contact encompassed even more of the continent, which is an expansive and ancient forest larger than some kingdoms and indeed is home to three, the Kingdom of Elnusari, Caedreon, and Old Garstil. Other large forest include Caed Rhanard, Fel Grove, and the Wolf’s Woods.   The continent is marked with various large mountain ranges, including the Marbled Mountains which contains the largest mountain upon the continent the Magnetic Mountain, the Rugged Pass, Kilgarth Mountains, the Spine Mountains, and Falcon’s Rest Mountains. The Rugged Pass itself is oft treated more as blight on the land than anything else, as it is arid and to most humanoids hostile to life.   The continent of Runedastil is split between what are termed the Arm of Runedastil and the Body of Runedastil; this split is more geopolitical rather than cultural, although there is a Geographic argument. The Arm of Runedastil begins at the great pass within the Kilgarth Mountains with all the continent to the east included, this conforms broadly to the Kingdom of Thaxnoria. The Body of Runedastil is considered all of the lands West of the Kilgarth Mountains.   Within the Arm of Runedastil between the Kilgarth Mountains and the Spine Mountains is the Crag. The Crag is a vast wound within the surface of Runedastil, a crevasse miles wide and even deeper.  


There are many Kingdoms that are found upon Runedastil including, Aarelan, the Kingdom of Aran'Nack, the Free States, the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar, and the Kingdom of Thaxnoria.
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