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The continent of Taunas is one of the two most southerly continents of the Known World. To its east is the continent of Talduras, its south the Frozen Ocean, its the Endless Ocean, and its north the continent of Runedastil.  


The continent is dominated by wide open plains and steppes in the south, so too is it by mountains and large forests. The Icy Spines mountain range runs from the city of Volorod in the north to Stringahelm in the south, making it one of the longest ranges in the Known World. The forests of Talduras are ancient, dark, and dangerous, the largest of them are the Great Bear’s Woods, the Pale Woods, and the Forest of Broken Bows.   In the south of the continent the Bay of Ice leads to the Frozen Ocean, icebergs and ice sheets are common within both, with the entire Bay of Ice freezing during the Great Chills. The Winter Pass within the Bloody Strait that separates the continent of Taunas from the continent of Talduras, also freezes during the Great Chills.


The Velgan Empire lays claim to the entirety of the continent, although practically it is impossible for most kingdoms to maintain absolute control over the wilds of Taunas.
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