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Seldori Range

The Seldori Range is a large range of mountains and peaks that dominant the far south of continent of Undras. The Range lies to the north of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, across the Seiube River, East of the Free States across the Seiube River, and south of Kingdom of Legvaren. They are a dark mountain range said to be cursed and haunted by dead, monstrosities, and darker things still.   The Seldori Ranges are remarkably young forming at the start of the Age of Blood, as the ritual at Kirthlath tore open the planes of existence, shattered the Kingdom of Avadel, and remade the geography of region changing what had been the Seldori Flatlands into what they are today, a cruel range gnarled spire like mountains littered with the dead and ruins of a once great kingdom and birthplace of humanity.   The Seldori Ranges today are practically uninhabitable, the land is arid and sharply mountainous, but worse undead, monstrosities, and other fell things haunt the lands, destroying all those who try to reclaim the Range or explore the deviation its holds.  

Kirthlath and the Ruins of What Once Was

Kirthlath was the centre of humanity and the Kingdom of Avadel, but the city and its people grew dark. A faction sought power and attempted to usurp the power of planes. They failed and tore open the planes of existence, leading to the Age of Blood and suffering never known in the recorded history of Runetalras. Avadel was obliterated, its ruins now litter the Range, but it's said at the heart of the Seldori Ranges Kirthlath remains locked to outside world which still strange light and powers flowing from it; all that have ventured there have not returned or been insane by the horrors present.  

Seldori Flatlands

The Seldori Flatlands were surrounded by harsh mountains, and legends from the elder races tell of strange geological conditions that ensured few who ventured there returned. By the dawn of the Age of Contact these conditions seemingly subsided, Human kingdoms, petty and grand, came into ascendance, the greatest of which being the Kingdom of Avadel , and humanity expanded into the rest of Runetalras in what is known as the Emergence of Humanity. All was destroyed with the ritual at Kirthlath and the Age of Blood, leading to The Exodus.

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